Train Raids

Okay so I’m not sure how well this idea would work in 4.0 with the larger focus on survival but I think this would be an interesting twist on the normal airdrops. I got the idea when I recently saw Solo where they try to steal from a cool sci-fi train, and with the trains that were added to 3.0 a couple months ago and the ideas I’ve seen for different types of loot drops, I think this would be cool in game.

So my idea is, like the air drop from a plane, a certain train track will have a computer controlled, or rather unmanned, train drive across it at random times with loot in one out of a few of the train cars that players actually have to jump onto at some point and search the correct car to get the loot and maybe be able to even build on these moving trains all the while trying not to fall off and likely fighting with other people or teams/clans over the cargo. And the train could only last while it is on the map and maybe at each end of the map there are tunnels that the train emerges from and disappears into and after that the loot, and any buildables put on the train, disappear, even if no one got it. And this would all happen as often, or less often, as an airdrop, but the rate could probably be increased or decreased per server/ single player world.

Again I’m not sure how well this would work in the game or how other people think of the idea but I think it could be an interesting twist on the traditional air drops. Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think :grin:


a neat alternative to the train exiting the map via tunnel would be having the train derail and blow up

this doesn’t really provide any gameplay significance but I just thought it would look cool

Yeah that would be pretty exciting actually, plus it also gives anybody that might be on the train a reason to get off the train before it reaches the and of the track.

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But that would make it so only one train could ever go through there. Cause why would a train blow up and leave no wreckage to block the next train?

If the train derails the wreckage can’t really block the next train

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If a train detailed the survivors would stop sending trains down that track. It’s better if they just leave the map and anyone who is on it dies if they stay on it.
The reasons they would stop sending trains is because if a train derails, is either from the track being damaged by it derailing, or it being damaged by it derailing.

Oh that’s a good point, from a story standpoint it doesn’t make much sense for the people sending the trains to keep sending them after one derails, at least that’s what it sounds like you’re saying, correct me if I’m wrong

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They could just be nonaffiliated trains that didn’t get the memo that the rails are messed up

The trains don’t necessarily have to be manned by a connection of random survivors or a relief effort

At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter how the trains leave the map, they do their job gameplay wise

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