I useally dont have a problem with the translation on this website but i see a few errors on the Danish Site. I know this isnt important or critical in anyway its just Nice to know i guess.

  • Only about 50% of the Achivements translate to the chosen language.
  • The Button in Notifications is saying “afvis” and it means Reject not “Mark as seen”
  • The Top bar is saying “Unanswered” not “ubesvaret”
  • The Category tags isnt translating

Pretty sure that’s something on Discourse side, discussing it on their site would be better.


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It might but its only 2-3 items that are user made that cannot translate so i think its SDG’s site of this.

It’s not. Custom text cannot be translated unless it’s created via a theme, and even then the localization is entirely controlled by Discourse.

EDIT: To clarify, the specific issue with this is that there’s no easy way for any site to actually choose how content is translated. The only options are unfortunately rather limited.