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I think all of us will agree with Whistle here, we all love Molton

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Well that’s good news. I don’t know what else to say though.

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I like Molson. I have yet to find out what he smells like when he is awake.

Molton >:(

I do.

…you’re…you’re not gonna…elaborate or anything? okay then???

In reality any feature can be hit-or-miss. They’re expecting it to be people slide to avoid dying and get easy kills (which would be bad in their mind), and some other people expect it to be exactly that also (but it’d be a good thing in their opinion).

Those kinds of opinions are less about the mechanics of it and more about what they feel about PvP combat. :thinking: Bit tough to get a conversation going on that.

Personally, I am optimistic that it would be a good feature for PvP and PvE, and whatever else the Workshop comes up with. If anything, it raises the skill ceiling of combat in the game, which people have their own opinions on when it comes to how simple/complex the game’s mechanics should be.

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TL:DR Nothing important is here I ramble too much but theres a nice picture I made below :slight_smile:

Ive been thinking a lot about the inventory system too. To be entirely honest, I wouldn’t want one to be focused entirely around weight like skyrim, that would be awful. Id rather that the grid system is built upon, and that the weight is only there to slow a player down and make sure they don’t bring excessive amounts of supplies unless necessary, to make sure they don’t do stupid things like carry whole houses with them.

The following is how I envision a system, though its just a random idea and Im just throwing it out there, mkay? I reread through this and I seem to have quite many opinions that I can imagine lots would disagree with.

First of all, the issue of people being able to carry around all they need currently was pointed out by you. A person should not be able to carry seven knives whilst naked, for heavens sake, or lift entire bases around. You should need to choose perhaps two weapons, maybe tucking a third away for transport. This should lead to more conscious decisions when it comes to gear, as well as more realism (though weather that is a good reason is, of course, debatable). The current grids do not create these limitations.

An alternate grid system that would be interesting would mean splitting up the existing grid, stopping people from carrying rifles in their pockets. Right now you may have a 4X2 space from trousers. Imagine, instead, two 2X2 spaces instead. This way a player will have a harder time organising their inventory, and will have to differentiate between cargo pants and spec ops vest in terms of how they store things.

Heres a mockup I made of what I have in mind. I got a tad carried away with some of it so theres some fancier features with the headlamp and gas mask.

This might seem too small, but if you consider that most small items like carrots, bullets perhaps, metal bars, etc. will be stackable, I think its more reasonable.

Note that I also separated the backpack from the inventory. I was just messing about with yet another inventory management idea. If the space is too restricted, then there would be next to no transport of weapons. A backpack should allow a few rifles to be carried, right? But at the same time choosing from your arsenal of snipers and miniguns mid battle is silly to me, as mentioned before. Here Ive made the backpack like a crate, it may be taken off and built on the floor/wherever to be accessed.

This way a player may carry around large amounts, but only for the sake of transportation. A player must manage their inventory, separating the important bits (guns, ammo, food, drink, medical) from the stuff they will only need later (supplies, bedrolls, extra guns and ammo). Additionally, backpacks would make transferring items from one person to another much more quick and efficient.

Mobility would, in combination with the weight mechanic, be heavily effected by a backpack in which most of the wight is stored. By keeping it seperate, a player is allowed to quickly dump their backpack to gain mobility in a firefight, or to run away from zombies faster. Could lead to interesting situations in which you need to temporarially abandon your items.

Finally, this should affect scavenging by making a person go slower. Im not sure if this is a good thing or not tbh. Any of it, that is. Just ideas. :confused:

As for the movement, I can agree that sliding could end up feeling ridiculous if done wrong. I think the problem is that either:
a) People in game will sprint at a reasonable speed, and so when they slide its pretty useless as its not faster and ends up making a very minimal difference
B) players can go at an insane speed and so sliding is actually useful. but the gunplay is basically cod :frowning:

Perhaps it will be implemented in a better way though, Im certainly interested in seeing it.
The diving on the other hand I like the idea of. It should minimize your target enough to make diving worth it at times, unlike sliding.

TL:DR Nothing important is here I ramble too much but theres a nice picture I made above :slight_smile:


so tl;dr…pockets? cool

also @MoltonMontro you just get cooler with every message dude

I’ve already put out my opinions as to why.
Guess I’ll phrase my previous posts.

“too much in fast-paced combat and not survival. It’s just silly.”
“Players could slide towards their attacker and completely dodge a headshot, which is dumb.”
“really a nuisance in combat.”
“Insurgency may have sliding but you have to consider the fact that it is realism”
“Insurgency’s combat is punishing, Unturned isn’t. - Usually 2-3 shots in Insurgency gets you down”


Already have enough posts as to why I don’t like sliding/diving in Unturned. I respect your opinion but this doesn’t change my stance toward the idea. Mark me as the pessimist.

EDIT : Until more details are revealed as to how darker and challenging 4.0 will be, I might change how I perceive this idea.

I honestly wouldn’t mind sliding. Not so much diving, but sliding would allow you a slightly quicker way of getting into cover, at the cost of probably a decent portion of your stamina. The only concern I have of it is people spamming it in combat.

Like if it has a cooldown of sorts then it might work. But there needs to be some sort of balancing of the skills imo so you don’t end up being able to run half the map in a single sprint. Or slide your way through a firefight.

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