Turn the Hide HUD (Home) button into a "screenshot mode" button

So you know how the “home” button pretty much hides the HUD, allowing for you to take cool screenshots?

I wanted to make a bit of a minor suggestion, and have it so it also hides editor nodes (spawns, nodes, volume boundaries, etc) when toggled. It’s a small nitpick but it would change a lot for me because I hate pressing the F1-F10 keys randomly because I don’t remember which of them hides what.

also while we’re at it, maybe make it so hidden nodes become visible when you open their menu? The water volumes are the only tools that do this for some reason…


Good idea tbh.

Personally, I think it’s a fun idea imo to improve the “Hide HUD” button into something more. But it might(?) fall under the purview of other UI/HUD-related suggestions where there’s no major UI changes planned / being actively considered until the UI Toolkit rewrite.

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