Turned Life Variation

I’ve been playing Unturned 3.0 recently and it came to me as a good idea, so it’s a pretty short idea, unlike what you’d like to do.

Make turneds spawn with varying health.

For example, the health of a turned may range from 100 to 200 points, this would be defined by an RNG, similar to the quality of the item we have in Unturned 3.0 which ranges from 1% to 100%.

What are the advantages?

First is a way of giving a larger variety to Turned, while one can die with just one hard blow the other can die with just the second.

Second, it makes turneds more challenging and strong.

Well, this is my idea. I would like to hear from you.
Thanks for reading! :wink:


If health is based on RNG and damage of weapons remains the same then it would be reasonable to say that shots to kill on zombies would change depending on RNG, which would feel really awkward. Going into situations thinking “I have the perfect amount of bullets” and then you don’t would be weird and wouldn’t reward players for knowing more about the game.


There could also be some sort of visual marker on the zombs to give the player a rough idea of how much health one has. How many scratches or how beat up one looks would be a nice marker.


That is the goal, it is to turn it into something less systematic and relatively more realistic, if I may say so. For example, imagine that the turneds before turning were human, and humans are not completely equal, there are always some stronger than others and this variety that this system would try to imitate.

The seasoned player would have another thought, something like “I must always take more than I need, just in case”, not to mention that, I believe that headshots of weapons like rifles should have instant kill.

Or even on the move, a turned with very little life could wobble more.

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No. Enemies should have set health values, unless there is some kind of visual indicator that x enemy is stronger or weaker. I’m definitely fine with a weaker and stronger variant or two but they need to be visually different.

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Maybe we could have slighty chunkier zombies and more skiny zombies not far from the average one whit roughly the same mobility but slighty different in health? That way you could visualy indentify them if needed.

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Yes, they could also be a little taller, varying according to the amount of life they have.

There could also be a variation in speed for each turned. It would also be cool if you could cripple or slow down a zombie by shooting at its legs. As visual markers go for this case, the stance of the turned or the condition of their legs could give a rough idea of its speed…?

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