Turned Sounds in II

In my honest opinion, humanoid Turned should sound somewhat human unlike zombies in 3 which have generic growls.


Can you give an example of how it would sound?

But their vocal chords are bassically rotting. And the infection may even cause mutations.

A good reason to have more grotesque and aberrant sounds.


Probably something akin to the sounds zombified stalkers from STALKER make.


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Narr narr. Bugdugbugbugdug

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aegeaghh rhr
Something close to this .

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Maybe even mumbling something resembling speech and trying to socialize with other zombies. Would be scary and sad as all shit at the same time.

But what if they dont use verba comunication since theyer vocal cords got rotten what if they use extra-senzorial stuff like light signals or smell like the ants do.

Umm…ok? That’s vague.

Maybe players could have sounds as well as facial expressions so pretty much voice commands. Zombies could reply to these in a way that would mimic a players voice command but with a more raspy voice which may not be too noticeable to the starting player giving them a big scare when they follow the voice.

I like the zombies because it sounds like they’re saying bruh

i want them to make spooky lovecraftian noises especially if we get some really mutated fellas

I think they aren’t dead and rotting, just infected, making their organs generally functional, I guess.
Therefore their vocal chords should be fine. They just shouldn’t have the mental capability to produce meaningful speech. They should attempt doing that though, as it would show that they still have a trace of humanity in them, making it all the more horrifying and depressing.

we dont know that many things about the turneds in U2 so assuming what you just said is not possible at 100% rate

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