U2 Community Map Ideas

Hey guys, I’m a small mapmaker who has released 2 submissions on the workshop, both were for servers I was staff on. They have since shut down and i have taken one of the maps down.I’ve made many more maps, but never decided to post them because i was very unhappy with the performance. I tried getting rid of a few things but it made me even more unhappy because it felt like the map lost it’s glow.https://testmyspeed.onl/ https://xender.vip/

For U2 (Hopefully it will be well optimized), I have decided to get back into map making and will make a few maps that I’ve thought of, and a few maps you guys want.

My ideas are:

  1. Countryside with a very dense forest area, couldn’t make it in 3.0 because of insane lag issues. This map would feature a campground with very lush and thick forest, and a few small points of interest such as towns and a small military base.
  2. A fictional island somewhere off the coast of Canada, where there would be a very large and steep mountain that would be very difficult to climb but very rewarding. I would also feature small towns around it (kind of like Hawaii), and a military base and airport somewhere in the middle.

These would be my first 2 projects. I want some ideas from you guys so i can make more maps for the community when II comes around.


maybe a small town real life size?

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I’d like a cold map as the Yukon, only more hardcore.



central african republic

make pakistan map بہت اچھا

Chernobyl with muties and a lot of radiation

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California, I can see 3 main areas being done, but the two most interesting are as follows.

Ether the Northern part, with Shasta and Lassen as geographical features, with Redding and Eureka as towns, you can have heavily wooded areas which have quite a few Coastal Redwoods (Including the Tallest Tree on earth), these Redwoods live exclusively here & The Santa Cruz Mountains. along with Lassen Volcanic National Park, Mount Lassen, and the area surrounding it are all Volcanoes you know, and not all of them are dead.

The San Franciso & Monterey Bay Area, with Mount Diablo, Loma Prieta and the Santa Cruz mountains and geological features, for major cities you have a lot of choices, San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Gilroy, Monterey, Richmond, Vallejo, Santa Cruz, Fresno (If you want to go out that far) and Palo Alto. The Santa Cruz mountains are home to tons of wineries & massive Coastal Redwood trees, these Redwoods live exclusively here & Northern California, the mountains have also suffered a number of fires in recent years, a map like this could have large burned areas.

Didn’t quite know how to insert this into both of those sections, so i’ll do it here. California has quite a lot of wild life, much of witch is hostile: Mountain Lions, Wolfs, Bears and so on.

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Why does everyone want maps set in the US?

Turkmenistan could feature the Karakum desert at the center of the map, and mountain range towards the south of the map, and part of the Caspian Sea along the western part of the map.

The major cities could be included in the map (or smaller, fictionalised variants) as Ashgabat in the center of the map, Türkmenbaşy at the western shore of the Caspian Sea with a port/dock area, and a smaller city of Daşoguz around the northern part of the map.

As for wildlife there could be gazelles, deer and similar creatures (cows and goats could be found in farms and fields). Some snakes could be cool in the desert part of the map, that could bite you and you would take damage from the venom.

Because it’s one of the easiest countries to make maps with ?

Considering the huge diversity of environments across all the states you can basically set your map anywhere you want from forests, swamps, mountains, islands, deserts etc.

Also from a lore aspect it’s more convenient.

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Not every map has to be set there, I was just giving an idea for a map, that’s the whole point of this thread. Keep in mind most of the Unturned Community is most likely in the US. Thus theirs a higher likely hood for there to be more US-based modders, most modders will probably think it’s a good idea to make maps of places their actually familiar with, not some far off distant land they know nothing about. Keep in mind that we’ve only had one curated US map, not 11.
The US isn’t all that boring and samey ether, Utah is crazy and theirs not much like it, Hawaii is well, Hawaii. California has a mix of Deserts, Forests, Woodland, Mountains, Grasslands, Chaparrals and Wetlands. Alaska is well, Alaska. The US is so diverse, yes I get your point of “Uggghh another US map” but honestly I doubt that many would even be made, only the big names, Texas, California, Florida, Virginia, etc.

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Other ideas that aren’t in the US include: Indonesia, India, China, Japan, Vietnam, Laos, Morocco, Ethiopia, South Africa, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Serbia, Kosovo, Romania, Albania, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Switzerland, Czechia, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, Kuwait, Any Number of Brazil’s States (Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Amazonas, Arce and Goias & Brasília), Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Paraguay, Mexico, Cuba, Canadian Provinces (Quebec, British Columbia, Nunavut and Ontario all come to mind.), New Zealand (North or South Island), States of Australia (Victoria & New South Wales would work well), Madagascar, Nepal, Bangladesh, France, Ireland, UK, Russia, Germany, Poland and Slovakia.
Not too long of a list :smile:

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strong text

australia calls them states, not provinces. but OK

UII lore and 3.0 lore are going to be seperate things entirely. UII’s lore and 3.x’s aren’t going to be connected, so I don’t really see what you mean


California already in status of WIP :wink:

U2, not U1