U4 Quality of Life Suggestions

As i promised the previous week, i would do a post about quality of life suggestions in my previous post. For those who dont know what quality of life means, it’s basically small suggestions that make the game better/more enjoyable.

  1. Tires and rims are two diffrent things. Shooting a tire would make the car slower, but shooting a rim would damage the wheel and after some time, deattach.
  2. Clocks that work, these can be useful for those people who wanna know if it’s day or night, without risking a bullet to the head by looking out the door
  3. Bugs. Not game glitches, but insects and bugs, like running in tall grass would have a chance to get a tick bite, this prevents people from running around the map, and hiding in grass
  4. Seasons. So first of all seasons in the game would make it more beautiful, and second of all it would determine if there are insects or not
  5. Calendars. These show if it’s early summer, late summer, early autumn, etc. This would make it easier to determine what season it is
  6. Bicycles that fall over. This would slow down people from getting on a bike and riding away from zombies.
  7. Code that shows if you’re in combat or not. In U3 theres a timer on the exit button, that prevents you from combat logging, Now lets say you’re in your base, safe from all danger, and you haven’t been combat tagged. You still have to wait for the timer to tick to 0. This is very annoying on servers that have the timer set between 30-60 seconds
  8. Radars and satelites. Radars can be in military bases, and they show the location of nearby players. Satelites can be accesed from a functioning computer, and they show a 3d version of the map, the satelites will not show players.
  9. Grip on vehicles. This prevents people from going offroading with a F1 car. Certain types of tires have cons and pros, ex having offroad tires will increase grip and makes it easier for players to travel through rough terrain, but they would be slow and heavy. Racing tires have the exact opposite.
  10. Chairs. Do i have to explain more ?
    Next week, or somewhere around there, i will do a post about vehicles.
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A lot of these are confirmed and some (chairs) are in the game. I like the bugs though but I’d prefer if they were just something ambient and you wouldn’t need to worry about getting bit by one just for taking cover.


These are some awesome ideas
20% of them have been confirmed although
But you have done a good job
Might I make a suggestion to add in your post:-

Group members of different levels have different type of access to group buildings and structures
For eg. a member in a group can only open certain doors (which are marked for member and above rank) whereas a admin can open all the doors( execpt vault door) and storages . While a vice owner can salvage stuff and also open all doors and storages and a owner can do anything

  • This suggestion is good, it should also be added to U3
  • This suggestion is bad, it should not be added
  • This suggestion is good, but it should be added to U4

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high-tier gun + good aim = detaching wheels
nah, they shouldn’t detach the entire wheel.
I’d rather it slow down the car a bit, even significantly over time, but not completely disable its movement.

One-way windows exist.

This is a fucking yikes, I don’t want to be running around and sitting in grass waiting and suddenly lose health from a bug.
Bugs are cool ambient features but actually interacting and causing damage?

Sounds good.

Just look out the window.

Are people really that clumsy? Ouch.
I mean yes, there is weight measurement and that might affect it a bit but this…
I don’t like the idea of stumbling over while trying to escape certain death.

This is normal in most games like this.

This isn’t even quality of life, this makes camping much more prominent and ruins military bases for everyone else.

Very likely already planned.



somebody say bugs


We need to be able to eat the bugs. No biting tho.

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Id say stuff like the bugs biting might not be good, maybe like rodents that are in dark and abandoned areas that can give away your location to players and zombies. Then for the Radar, I would say it would be hard to balance it out so that its fair.

I really like the idea of bugs! They will make life for tryhard campers a bit harder. Besides that you’ll have to choose between going on roads where you are easily spotted or going through the woods and risking a bug bite. Also clothing like boots and long pants should decrease the effect of bugs and shorts should increase it.

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