UII Emblems / Clothing Customization Idea


Maybe if your in a group your personal emblem defaults to whatever the groups emblem is? :stuck_out_tongue:


How about like rust in which you can add skins to the items you have equiped, but they don’t come default and you must spray paint them.


I already discussed this a bit earlier, but I think it was overshadowed by other heated topics

Being able to re-texture something would be incredibly OP and ruin the game. The current problem with cosmetics right now is they completely cover and vanish whatever you’re wearing underneath of you. Changing the entire texture would have nearly the same effect, unless you have played for thousands of hours and know every cosmetic known to man. This especially doesn’t help with the fact that all of the shirt / pants models will be very much the same, so knowing what they actually are is purely based on their texture. Look at the hundreds of different Unturned t-shirts and shirt and pant models for yourself and you’d sorta see what I mean.


The cosmetics would be curated, hopefully with the 3D clothing comming you could be able to tell the difference, the spray on cosmetics would still resemble there original clothing. Even if there is no cosmetic clothing, spray paint gun skins you still be cool. Like in rust ( i think) the cosmetics stay with the gun not the person, you could kill someone for there gun skins.


I’d rather there be no skins or cosmetics, and AFAIK that is what Nelson wants as well. For gun skins, it’d be more realistic for there to be a system where you can do things such as attach ghillie netting to a weapon. Spray painting is just lazy and unneeded.


Sounds great
Now gotta hope nelson inplemets it :stuck_out_tongue:


If everyone hates cosmetics and cosmetics are bad and whatever, then can we have basic clothes even easier to find, and if you’re in a group there could be some form of default clothing/uniform in the group that you can respawn with? I’m just tired of survival games where you’re naked for a solid 10 minutes and get punched up by naked people. That or we have cosmetics, because nakeds running around is real fucking stupid, everyone looks the same, and it’s just kinda shitty.


The poll gave me an idea;

You can loot a killed player’s emblem and wear his emblem.


nah, I think that’d kinda ruin the whole point of emblems, being able to have your own unique one to distinguish yourself or your group.


If I go nab the badge off of a cop, does that make me a cop? An emblem, once put onto clothing (I assume by sewing,) would be on that article of clothing forever. If you don’t want the emblem taken, just don’t put it on.


Well one of the ideas was lootable in-game patches. So killing a player and taking the physical patch off of him would be just like killing a player with an alicepack and taking the alicepack. Though physical items pose a great challenge and kinda ruin the concept


In a Stalker mod, you can collect the patches of dead Stalkers and turn them in to an opposing faction, which will then pay for these patches as “confirmed kills,” essentially similar to bounty hunting.
I feel that if there are NPCs in UII, then they should carry patches so you could “sell” patches to them, with the price increasing for enemies of that faction.


Interesting, like EFT dogtags but one step further.

Though this would technically incentivise PvP, it is for specific factions after all so who knows honestly


Somewhat off-topic considering when we were talking about patches we meant emblems, but that sounds incredibly cool and maybe we could incorporate this kind of thing into the game with emblems? Idk.


It is not off-topic though…


I just imagine peoples running around with a patch and on that patch some meme stuff ._.


With this post I meant to add cosmetic patches that would alter a specific part of the clothing meant for customization. Not particularly a dog-tag like system of rewarding people for killing other players. Thats why I said somewhat off-topic since it combined patches with another good idea… :stuck_out_tongue:

I specifically want to see dead memes, lots of them, just running around. all willy nilly. :^)


Quite a few people voted for absolutely no emblems. I ask why not?


Just have an option to hide custom emblems then, just like a chat censor.
Most people will probably turn it off as they don’t care, but the option is there.

Also I don’t think the game will be “just a few pixels” anymore.


I think that would be neat, but it would take away from the experience. Perhaps instead of being just like the chat sensor (disabled by default) it should be enabled by default.

I think it will still be very pixelated as thats how the game artstyle is, though it’s clear nelson wants to use vectors or what not. IDK