Um......? yes this is a complete sentence


not cool, guys.


In future, keep in mind that being passive-aggressive and vague is not helpful in resolving issues, nor is using irrelevant topic titles.

When I pulled up “unsecured site” security message on my end, it appeared that the issue was that the site was still linking to http domains. This has been fixed.

I am assuming that is the same issue causing your own “unsecured site” security message. If it was something else, please post about it again!


nowhere was I trying to be passive-aggressive. I just wanted a title long enough to post

When was that fixed? Because this was a day ago


what…? post this again…?

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I fixed the issue when I replied to this topic a day ago.

If you were still having issues, then yes, do post again. Evidently what I did fixed your issue, so no, you don’t need to post this again.