Unbanned on discord

I got banned on the discord for “ip grabbing” this guy has had my ip and been booting me offline from his unturned server and i haven’t done owt this guy got me banned because i started an unturned server as well as when i sent him the link i didn’t get it and i wasn’t gonna do owt with it and it had nothing to do with the unturned official server but yet again i learnt my mistake and i should of tried in the first place because its again discord tos i talked to discord staff about it they give me a warning now this is me contacting you to get unbanned or a second chance as i haven’t been banned before all i really care about is developing and advertising for my server and help the unturned community get better with developing like i dont know a lot but im learning and i was helpful when i was unbanned but yet again i did what i did and it was my fault i cant blame anyone else but im just putting this here again it had nothing to do with the unturned server because he reported me on every Mutual servers then i got unbanned on them but 1 other one and this one because it had nothing to do with any server but his personal discord one and me and him i was leaving this server and this what started it and he got all his friends to join mine and try grief it just saying i reported it and staff did nothing but all im saying here is this server had nothing to do with mine and the other player arguments.

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Honestly, I understand where you come from. Retaliatory IP grabbing is a questionable thing but I can understand where you’re coming from.

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I know this is meant for staff, but please, use some punctuation. this text is a mouthful to read.


It might help if you explain it more properly. I can try to decypher it but it looked like you rushed through this without regard to grammar.

IP grabbing is a petty offense but is also a breach of trustworthiness, especially when you’ve been muted for sharing DMs and insulting users. This would be worse if you’re doxxing someone but I doubt you’re capable of it since you probably did both behaviors out of revenge or something within the same month.

You did have a clean message history since December 2019 until January 2021, so I can say it could be decided whether you can be appealed or not.


Sorry for my grammar i was trying to prove my point not just you know get all my grammar right so does that mean i got a chance of getting unbanned.

I was contacting again to so see if this ban appeal has been decided or not. Plus like i said i understand everything i did but again all this was nothing to do with the unturned discord but again i should of done it because its wrong. And i wont even be involved with all that stuff again!