Unfit things

The idea is you can unfit items like backpacks with itemns inside or weapons for get more movement or can rest and recover more energy


…what? (10 char.)

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So are you suggesting dropping items? What an completely revolutionary concept, I’m surprised nobody has thought of this before!

I’m sure you don’t get the point, the thing is like you drop a backpack, and all of the items are dropped in the floor, this idea mean can drop clothes WITH items inside, and in the same time you can regenerate energy more faster because you don’t have too many weight equiped

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So are you asking for a quick-release system?

Yes, that’s the point

So basically…

Retain items inside clothing/backpacks when dropped

Already planned. Items with inventory space retain its contents when dropped, likely acting as a storage object. Same goes with corpses and corpse looting, making it easier to scrounge for items.

Faster movement when not carrying much

Again, already planned along with weight system. The amount of weight held impacts your movement speed (Not sure about stamina).

This post probably worded it weirdly.


I do particularly like the idea of stamina regeneration being tied to weight though. My only concern with such a system is that it might reflect poorly if it was always in effect (which is why I like the idea of such penalties being locked behind a somewhat-arbitrary value that marks entering a state of “over-encumbrance”.


stamina and weight stuff could be connected somewhat like in Fallout 4


you have 3 speeds in F4, walk, jogging, and run/sprint.
mostly you just jogg around.

  • if you are over-encumbered you would use stamina while moving at “jogging speed” but regenerate while Walking, running isn’t possible bc you are overencumbered.

a system something like this could work :slight_smile:

What about when you go past the max carry weight you lose maximum stamina so that if you are 1 kg over you wont stop being able to run , if you can run with 50 kg of stuff on you you can do that with 51 kg but not so much with 60 and maybe being able to increase your stamina by carrying lots of stuff?

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Maybe you can only walk but you lost energy at the same time

this makes no sense

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