United Kingdom Map Sneak Preview #3


Hello! It has been a very long time since the last post I made, so have an early Christmas gift!

Eurostar/Channel Tunnel near Canterbury

Train Station in London

Emley Moor Mast, Yorkshire

Buckler’s Hard Historical Site

Bradford (Bradford is in an area currently known as The Scourge to survivors, due to military action several years ago, a large belt across Great Britain has been burned to cinders.)

Inverness, Scotland



Beach near Norwich showing off the new sand texture

That’s all for this time, Thanks for taking the time to check out the map!


UK is gonna be epic just like France, I’m tellin’ ya


Thank you flodo!


Looks pretty neato


thank you!


I swear this map is gonna destroy unturned 3.0 with beauty.

Couple questions: 1) Is it going to be curated? 2) Are you planning on hosting a private playtesting event anytime soon? 3) How long have you been working on this map?


Thank you Davidoz!

  1. as far as I’m aware
  2. not anytime soon I’m afraid, the map isn’t done yet
  3. nearly 2 years


This looks incredibly well made; obviously a labour of love from you :))


thank you animatic!


thank you romelete for a freakin epic map :smirk::smor


thank you!


oi m8 cant wait for a spot of tea in london


Amazing job Romel! This map is going to be the largest and most well made map in the game’s history!


lit map :ok_hand:


Thank you guys!


my pp hard :smiley:


eww… wtf… weirdo… SHUT HELL UP… BUTTFEED


You’ve really worked 2 years on this map?!
You are truly a hero of map makers ^^


lol thank you


oh hell yes