Unreal engine 4 almost confirmed

The sky in this picture is definitely a “BP Sky Sphere” that comes from the Unreal engine 4.

How do I know that:

  • default sky in Unity does not have clouds, but Unreal engine 4 sky sphere have them.
  • Nelson said in his update post that he was making it gameplay functional, which means doing it in engine that will be used for Unturned 4.0.

Makes sense! Hopefully we get more clues for this theory in the next update

Please not Unreal, Unity is just fine. Plus he may just be experimenting with the engine.

That’s probably the case, Hell, it could just be that was a render in blender and he edited the background in Photoshop.


Hopefully, I’m not the biggest fan of Unreal as you can see. But what would be his reasoning behind switching?

There is the argument that Unreal is more powerful and the fact that it’s on Unity can make people think that it’s just another crap game made on the engine, but if I remember correctly they both can do the same stuff and there are some great games that have been made on Unity.

Yea right, I feel like everyone is on the Unreal bandwagon without even knowing the benefits, everyone cries optimization but current Unturned is just terribly optimized.

To be fair people there are also people on the “Unity bandwagon” without actually looking at the differences between the two programs, and more specifically the differing usage of the C family.

I’ve looked at the differences and the goods/bads of moving, I just think its better to do a full rework on the latest Unity rather then learning a whole new Engine and Language, because what might end up happening is its optimized even worse because when in development he was still learning the Engine and Language.

But even if it does work out all workshop will break and there will be no RocketMod, and around 85% of servers run RocketMod mostly because of its customization and administration of servers and because servers with RocketMod just don’t get donations and can’t afford upkeep, so many of the server networks will shutdown and some players from these networks will leave the game a POSSIBLE fix to this would be official servers but even then without RocketMod moderation of these servers would be hard.

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Nelson will experiment with Unreal Engine of course, and if it works out i guess its up to him really, not the player base (good thing though) because the player base will be biased towards Unreal of course because they think new Engine, oh wow if Nelson is considering UE it must make it amazing 11/10 IGN or say if games like PUBG use UE it must mean its great, but keep in mind PUBG has a development team 35x (most likely more now this was taken a whole ago) the size of Nelson’s and their development team are full time C++ developers with lots of experience with UE.

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He will use a standard HDRI with ground. Also this is a feature test so it need to be done in engine.

Maybe he want to keep the development interesting.

It is because all the Unreal engine 4 tech demos are very well optimized and that makes people think that Unreal engine is more optimized.

They can but unreal engine can do it with lower performance cost.

I know the benefits.
Unturned 3.0 just have bad memory optimization, which causes it to use pagefile, which makes it slow.

They will break anyway, because of the new core.

Good point

Fair point, but I feel that there is just a huge circle jerk of people thinking that Unreal offers optimization when it could end up worse.

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That’s not Unity in general, there are much more graphic intensive games that run better than Unturned made in Unity.

I think he was referring to option of actually having a workshop.
But that’s just my two cents on it :wink:

These games are using different memory system.
Unturned: Loads everything on startup and never dump unused things
Other games: loads only thing necessary for a specific level, after player goes to another level, data of the previous level will get dumped from the memory and data of a new level will get loaded into the memory.

I hope that it is understandable.

memory is really not a problem though, atm for me Unturned is using 1GBs of RAM minimum ram for Unturned is 4GBs, one of the main problems is how barricades/structures are rendered in, try it out in singleplayer Unturned is actually very good at running in singleplayer and doesn’t lag at all, go on to a server and because most servers don’t clear their map very often whenever you move around you lag, most likely why @SDGNelson hasn’t noticed how bad it is because he doesn’t play servers very often, maybe a rework of how barricades and structures work…?

Nelson is most likely just experimenting. It’s a new engine to him from what I’ve seen and heard. He’s used to Unity, and Unreal is the stronger, yet more complex dev engine. It seems insane for him to switch to something he has little experience with. While I’d be perfectly fine with Unreal as Unturned’s engine, I’d much rather Nelson use something he’s used to as the base for a new game.

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Unreal better.
Unity bad.

Not necessarily.

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Yes, it is very

No; look at the Long Dark. It uses unity, even displaying it before you load up the game, and it is much more graphically intensive that unturned and I get a similar fps with higher settings on The Long Dark.

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