Unturned 2 gameplay is looking INSANE




wtf was that


This shouldn’t be allowed


Thank you so much for sharing this with us, dbking. This really made me LOL and ROFL, mainly due to the funky music and dancing character from the game “Unturned”. Anyway, I highly encourage you to continue what you’re doing and post more frequently on the forums.


bold of you to add starter content and roughness to the zombie material in first place.


Image result for Chef Mung whats up diggity dogs


@danaby2 thank you dude !!


??? what? i didnt add anything to it


I’m really hoping the models and animations shown in your brief presentation are mere placeholders, as I can certainly sense potential in your project. I can not wait to see this beauty fully working and to have a good ol’ time playing it. Good job team!


its not a project just some silly animation lol


is it weird if i was a little aroused. but wtf lmao



that video was perfect