Unturned 2 suggestions, questions

hello guys,

im back after a gruesome journey of finding a job,
btw idk if anyone has suggested any of this before me i wasnt on here for long long time.

if any of these are to complicated to be implemented in game maybe u give ur suggestion how it could work and/or if should even exist.


underground bases:

u cant really dig under ground but rather build floors downwards in to the ground
this could be cool for hiding bases .

flying bases:
its a ballon with big platform on which u can build
the platform is teid to the ground by some huge chain that cant be cut through
the ballon can move only up and down like an elevator and it cant be affected by any winds or stuff.

moving bases:

platforms that have 4-8 wheels on which u can build on and put engines on so u can drive it round like a big fat car.

tree bases:
if there could be some trees on the map that are very high and thick that cant be destroyed by normal chainsaw and or axe, would be good place tomake some bases.
all trees can be climbed upon and built on.

random stuff

duct tape:
it could have a feature to be used to repair vehicles, mellee weapons .

are all brainless dead walking in huge hoardes
the modern idea of a zombie is a human that is infected with something that makes him stupidly agrresive and agile, but thats boring zombies should overwhelm in quantity not in quality they shouldnt be very mobile at all and be stopped or slowed down by the smallest obstacles like fences walls windows and stuff.

if anyone has succesfully read fully through this agony then have a nice weekend


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