Unturned 2020 - Unofficial Server Scripts

I am interested to know about the 2020 server scripting, few questions are asked:

  • What programming language will it require scripting for Unturned 2020
  • Will there be a platform the will support scripts or it will have to be user made?
  • Will the scripts be able to change User-side Interface and ETC?
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As Unturned II uses Unreal Engine my guess is that it’ll be mostly C++


I can’t use C#?

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I don’t think there is official support for C# on UE, keep in mind it’s an entirely different engine from Unity.

But I could be wrong, better wait for answers from people that know this subject better than I do.

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Unturned II supports Blueprints and C++.


Nelson mentioned that unreal will likely have python bindings at that point which means you’ll be able to use that as well.

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