Unturned 4.0 graphics suggestions

Note: this is my first post on any forum so please keep that in mind

Some of these thing might sound way too realistic but this is just my opinion

Day-Night cycle:

  • skylight tempreature should change based on time of the day (this will make sunrise and sunset a lot better looking


  • should have surface refraction and reflection
  • underwater environment will get darker if you swim too deep


  • volumetric fog (only if it can be disabled, because of it’s high performance impact)
  • any type of light (including lasers) should create a visible light paths if it’s in a foggy area


  • this part includes any type of glass from Windows to sights
  • should have refraction (you can only notice it when looking from a bad angle or when the glass is very thick, also this does not affect scopes)
  • glass also needs to be somewhat reflective

I might add some things later but this is just a quick post (I haven’t even created any example pictures)


as long as refraction/reflection can be disabled because those would be laggy as absolute fucking hell


I have tested the refraction and reflection performance impact and figured out that disabling refraction (It can be disabled by keeping effects quality bellow max settings) gave me about 4% performance increase and disabling planar reflection (can be disabled only by hiding the actor) gave me about 35% performance increase.

still significant enough to be disableable, especially the reflection

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