Unturned 4.0 Storage Mechanics Questionaaire

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Are those storage mechanics ideas for 3.0 or 4.0?

Well, they’re for 4.0, but I put it in the 3.0 categorey since its a questionaaire based on what we had in 3.0 and peoples thoughts, but also what we’d like to see in 4.0

guess I’ll change it to 4

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I Think it would be cool to have some linked information to your computer in game, with some stuff. but othervice I Think that it works exept that you cant stack stuff that should be stackable… but anyways.

I Think the storage system could also be dynamic?.. I Think it would be cool if you could just Place out stuff and storage it like that on a shelf too or something

I just have a problem with it entirely. Like Minecraft, I’ll have hundreds of chests in my base filled to the brim, and to add insult to injury most of the chests have the same exact crap that could’ve been stacked to free up tons more space. Thats why Minecraft Storage Mods make everything 100% simpler at the expense of creating the machine, powering it, and making sure it stays powered.

to have a system that automaticly organizes your loot automaticly wouldn’t be that fitting to a survival game, But it would be cool to have a system like that in some degree if you’d have to build it to work, or if not then if it would be toggleable so that you can choose if its on or off.

personally I would be okay whit it if it wouldn’t be too op or anything like that

Judging by the results I have as of right now

60% of votes either want an inventory improvement or complained about their inventory management being difficult

The other 40% denied there was a problem

60% is a lot

To be fair, a lot of the people who denied there being a problem also probably chose “It would be a good idea to have some sort of sorting mechanic (assuming balanced) that would allow me to quick-sort my player inventory, and or sort individual storage containers.”

I don’t think people were saying that they were against basic, probably UI buttons, that were QoL for individual storages or quicker sorting.

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I’m usually quiet poor and I’m a storage-holic anyway and have plenty.
I don’t mind looking through things as I usually organise stuff.


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