Unturned 4.0 Theme song leaked (not clikbait) (no rly)

Kanye really made his great hit for unturned
this is why we need a shitpost tag


So much better.


Ok, but in all seriousness I need a mod that makes the UII theme song the main theme from TLD.


Literal hell

you guys got the wrong idear


I agree on the molecular level

t.soyboy brainlet

we need the shitpost tag

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i like pussy and trees what?

skip to 0:35

I’m a menace, a dentist, an oral hygienist
Open your mouth for about four or five minutes
Take a little bit of this fluoride with it
Swish but don’t spit it, swallow and I’ll finish

Roses are red,
And so is my flag.
Your rhymes are trash,
So go to gulag.

So I gave my rhymes an urban kick
My lyrics are fly, my beats are sick
My crew is big and it keeps getting bigger
That’s 'cause both y’all suck at rhyming

this is a lyric from Shake That, the song used for this

so you just called Eminem shit at rhyming, wat

wtf hol up

no it was pastor Jim colerick

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