Unturned 4 easter eggs

Hey so we all know that unturned 3.x is a bit o a wanky game with some funny easter eggs and items(example : rainbow car) so I just wanted to ask you. what kind of easter eggs that will reference to unturned 3.x or anything related to SDG would you want to see in unturned II


Rainbow car and secret loading screen that was created by @Aden, also maybe some item descriptions that will refer to Unturned 3.0

Here is this topic with loading screen


I would definietly want to be abel to paint my car Chrome rainbow XD

like think about it, if you could make an crazy ass offroad beetle with a little rustic beaten up Chrome rainbow paintjob, just for fun.

so… rainbowcar paint, but as Chrome instead of that neon thing thats going on, I’m not sure how it would fit in to the style?


This remind me tf2 with ability to paint guns.

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By rainbow car you mean this?cuz i’m pretty sure i made that :thinking:


yeah that would be THICK

whomst summon thy

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Yes I have meant that car

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Well technically I made the loading screen too but since Aden made the drawings it’s 90% his work since I just put them together


if nelson says maybe to the loading screen I’ll add more art :eyes:

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everyone gangsta until Nelson says Maybe

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