Unturned 4 is gonna be using UE?

Is Unturned Going to be using Unreal Engine?

According to Nelson, he’s considering using Unreal Engine 4 due to Unity limitations.

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UE seems like a good option for now, as it allows much more stuff (more materials, colors and details?) and it should be great for optimization issues.

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Please don’t say it allows for more stuff when you have never used it.

He was saying he is considering it to try get feedback from people so far from what I’ve seen the “feedback” atm is people circle jerking and saying its going to give them more flapies (fps) and they have truly no idea how Unreal/Unity work

Yes Nelson said he was


using it aka IF it comes it won’t be for at least a year

I would urge him to still use Unity I think people are over hyping UE just like @xdlewisdx said

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I mean here’s the thing: if Unturned switches to UE for 4.0, it’s going to have a much larger chance of falling into the early acess pitfall than if it stayed on unity.

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What? Unturned isn’t in Early Access so its not possible for it to fail Early Access

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You’re thinking of Unturned 3.

That aside, I don’t agree with pondfisher anyways. I feel like that implies Early Access tags are bad thing, and that UE is an incapable engine. I assume he just means that Nelson doesn’t know UE as well as Unity, so development could end up taking longer, but I feel that’s a weird argument to push regardless (relating to EA).

I personally just want to see what Nelson wants to do with UE.


I’d reccomend Nelson try out his normal modeling and game development routine in UE (baby steps please, don’t overwhelm yourself) and decide which game engine works best for (and partially the community’s) idea of 4.0


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