Unturned anniversary! – Building contest submissions

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my 2016 ultimate invisible base (sus)


or maybe my totally legit 2 story base on devtest


I wish I had a better angle, like an admin noclip cam shot of it, but I do not have that :frowning:

The base on the right is a ton of 1x1 cubicles with no discerning differences between each one, to make it harder for raiders to guess which has the loot. The four corner towers also had tons of rifle racks of emergency guns.

The one on the left is a well-reinforced tower with walls surrounding it, but providing grass inside for pump-jacks and growing plants. Here is a more detailed re-constructed model of it

maybe I recreate it and then post a better picture idk lol

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Simple, yet comfy

Music to play with picture: Club Penguin - Honolulu Honey (Winter Luau) - YouTube
(EDIT: Mod used in the build was the Creator Tools mod to hold the Soda)

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here my beautiful base i built in russia single player

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Hawaii Base at Sunset (Or sunrise, i don’t remember)


Workshop Mods used:
[METAL] Building Assets by roll4charm
Furniture Expansion
Creator Tools
More Farming Mod


i didnt go for the try hard pvp looking basses, i choose a more nicer approach

general view of the whole bottom floor

the chill zone xd (zoom in to see the cool details)

unturned gaming with new mouse and key bored setup

( i could have added more kitchen details but i did not want to miss the event)
check out how the cooler bubbles too

after a hard day of work, there aint nothing like singing a country sing (if you look close enough you could see the mic)

pov up

in the bathroom (spilled some water on the right)


at the doctor ): (ligma)

techno floor (you need an access code)

we sadly have to invent new weaponry to get ready for the war

benson bexton is in the base, gear up boys, we got a blue boy to hunt

aight ill take the sniper, you guys go to the roof and watch for any attacks

i dont see anything for now but if i do, ill call you on the radio

i could have added more details to everything but i was worried that i would run out of time


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no workshop mod
no builder mode
yes cheat
yes free camera


Wow finally making me dig for a screenshot that I thought I had but it turns out it’s lost forever to the depths of my computer, probably until I plug my flash drive in again 2 years from now and it’ll be sitting there in a super obvious file this whole time. Anyways luckily it got raided (yeah not luckily to that unfortunately), and the raiders were nice enough to record the entire thing and it’s somehow still up. So here’s a screencap of the former DNB base.

First off, having walls are overrated. Why have 4 when you can make 3 and just use the 25% of material you saved making the rest stronger, so it’s built up against the map border just Northeast of Keryev Mine on Russia.

Secondly it houses a central courtyard for easy helicopter access, and to ‘flatten’ the land inside half of it is wooden floors, which I later replaced with Ceiling pieces to create a hollow secret hiding spot which was used for Pumpkin farming (I think one of the admins gave leaders pumpkin seeds as a joke and I managed to get ahold of some)

There were additional expansions made to it before the server got shut down that I’d highlight if I could,(I did this on the single screenshot I took years ago and have forgotten what was done in the years past), but overall it’s just yet another base created during the infancy of 3.0 forever to be lost to the sands of time, but it lives on through stories like these. I’m sure one of the other two or three GZC members who’re still alive can share their memories of the server as well.


Been a longtime player, love the game and spent my childhood on Unturned and Deadzone. Hope you enjoy my build. I went for a cozy resort feel and spent all night on it haha. Thank you SDG for providing me hours upon hours of fun for me and my friends to enjoy. Looking forward to the chef plush and Unturned’s progress. Any critiques and suggestions are welcome. (Ignore the interior of the tower pls lol, got late) I had a great time making this build. Congratulations on 7 years of zombie survival fun!


This is my build, I started building It when the contest started, I was kinda rushing it since the deadline was so close. I think It turned out pretty good. Tried to build a luxury mansion on a mountain. It is on the official Germany map, built in singleplayer.


Congratulations, comrades and privet from Russia! This base protects the last piece of the
information age.
Creator Tools (1717095606)
Soviet Vanilla Vehicles (2496838573)
Furniture Expansion (877777769)
Survivor’s Expansion (2069342497)
Nordic Studios™ | Nordic Equipment 2.0 [3.28+] | Fortification Update (2316806175)


:slight_smile: my base i used on server of my friend we have made pvp factions this is just planning though i might share it no roof on top for helicoptor and we said no sentrys



Uhhh old base i made in the 19th century


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A Modern House That I Made. (With No Mods Just Using Edit To Make Custom Props)


Thank you for participating; submissions are now closed!

July 10th Edit: All winners have been contacted. Thank you for participating, and thank you all for your support by playing Unturned. Happy 7th Anniversary!