Unturned clicking glitch


I have a problem with my Unturned that is very hard to describe.

Whenever I type, or tab out and tab back into my game I can not punch, place items. Most of the time when I type and finish typing in game I am not able to punch. Clicking the left click dosent punch I would then have to move before I can punch. I think this is a weird glitch and if you can’t understand my problem tell me and ill try and explain better.


This happens/happened to be, where after typing a message the (old, haven’t checked with the new one) chat box it would almost go all the way off the screen, but a few pixels of it would still take a second or two to finish sliding off and I’d have to wait for them to finish before I could walk again.

I found that various graphical settings seemed to impact it too.


Maybe record it?


I currently cant connect to a server because of this issue The server is missing a custom module your files are using

so I wont be able to record a video