Unturned Community Members Alignment Chart 2: Electric Boogaloo

That is not greentext. I wish for summer to end.

Three words : That’s Not WeD

if by “gives detailed instructions to the parents” you mean “verbally berates the absolute fuck out of the parents for being completely incompetent” then sure i guess i belong in that category


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His fokien pwoblems

Rain, you’re slowly killing off your reputation and that’s not at all healthy.

Please stop. If not for our sake, at least do it for yours.

We all know people respect me as much as I respect myself so why should I care lul

image https://images.lookhuman.com/render/standard/IViNqYdLk1OhIpWdGYfqJnzg3htyGSv7/97100-black-md-t-bro-that-s-kinda-cringe.jpg


Most of your “critical feedback” is just saying a post is bad and most of your “reasonable suggestions” are just complaints about admin abuse and how the lowly player shall no longer suffer when you’re a server manager yourself.



I honestly want my fucking account deleted right now. I’ve seen enough


Welcome… to Autistic Park!


ÙWÚ smile_copy

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Edit: actually I wouldn’t even be on the list since I would be included in “ignores the child”.

I’ve had my fair share of crying children in public, I don’t need another one.

Edit 2: hence why my pfp always looks annoyed.

Other than the fact that he’s a zombie

just because i thought injecting a strangers kid with drugs thinking it would calm down didn’t know i would kill it in the process


Rain: comes out as furry
Me: Pass me the fucking lethal injection gun its time to end some lives


Didn’t that happen years ago? I mean have you seen his profile picture?

I’m ingnored…
What must I doooo

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wait rain has always been a furfag?
that might explain the furry porn on his steam account

I am offended i would not ignore him.