Unturned Crashed on launch?

The game Crashed the crash report folder named 2018-0809-011016 next to game executable. It would be great if you’d send it to the developer of the game

It’d be great if you uploaded the crash log then, and/or provided some information besides that you crashed.

I do not understand can you detailed it please

Tell us what made you crash, and please provide the crash log that is next to the game executable. Your system specifications would also be useful.

You cannot be easily helped if you do not provide information. All you have told us is that you crashed. That is not useful.

go to unturned on the steam games page, right click the name unturned on the list, click properties, then local files, then browse local files, then click the crash log it mentioned, and then… I dunno, I deleted all my crash logs. so I cant help you from there.