Unturned Crashes upon opening



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  1. A serious post about a serious problem affecting some in the community
  2. Didn’t make it apparent you were joking at all therefore you can’t say woosh


it was pretty obvious he was joking. Like really, think about it.


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I got my game working, thanks to some input from Nelson.

I had to unsubscribe from all workshop mods before installing the new game version.

Here is what Nelson said: “To give some context into that error, it looks like the problem is that the game is finding multiple *.content files with the same name. For example two cases of core.content. In the next update I’ll protect against this, but I’m surprised that it’s happening. My first thought would be that something didn’t get moved during a Steam update (which happens from time to time), but that would have been fixed by your uninstall/reinstall of the game files. I wonder if you’re subscribed to some Steam workshop items which might have *.content files, in which case does it work properly if you unsubscribe temporarily?”

Steps I took were:
1.) Uninstall all local game files
2.) Unsubscribe from all workshop mods
3.) close / reopen Steam
4.) reinstall unturned

When I started the game, it took some time to load and the screen seemed to freeze a couple times … but it eventually loaded and worked. I was able to search and join servers, so I am good now.


Thank you so much! I will try this fix ASAP!


Hello sir
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we congratulate you on fixing unturned


There’s too much fun!



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I’m sorry, the fix didn’t work.

Any other fixes!