Unturned E-Sport

I can’t believe Fortnite has it but we don’t…

Hey Nelson, organize a Massive Multiplayer Online for all Unturned fans.


because Fortnite is a competitive game and unturned isnt


Unturned is broken

I dont think it’d really work

The E-sports scene is also incredibly resource intensive.

With the new update settled in, maybe. Previously PvP was a meme tho.

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I would win tbh

Win my nuts in your mouth


Somehow I abandoned writing my comment to that post.
Although many skilled players maybe once had a dream of Unturned being a E-Sports game, It won’t be there. That’s because of Unturned being a SURVIVAL game, in which that is supposed you trying to survive in a harsh and hard environment of zombie apocalypse.
In more deep, technical aspect that still matters, vanilla game with it’s honest imperfection of basic mechanics and Offence tab at Skills so far existing will not achieve that level of competitive fairness to get official E-Sports.

Inb4 they reference minecraft and rust

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oh boy, thats a bold statement.

it sure feels like a casual game when I have an inventory full of shit on a full server.

That doesn’t mean it is somehow not competitive?

I’d like to see some sort of tournament happen in 3.X after the recent changes, see how the meta evolves.

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That’s a drop rate problem

Not a point to prove competitiveness

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competitive is when 4 c4 on inventory in full server.

(therfore csgio uncompetitive cause only 1 c4. liberial destroyed)

He is nooby plays without durability. Never had to sacrifice a hammer for precious scrap…

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