Unturned Gold dlc item bug

Hi my name Uksas
i found a bug i was buy gold dlc and i wear gold dlc’s clothes and i return gold dlc i take my money but i have a gold items please dont take my item i hope fix this bug this is my profile i hope you will give debugger beret
my profile:https://steamcommunity.com/id/uksas2/
best regards Uksas

That’s always been around, I don’t think it’s something Nelson can directly fix, most likely on Steam’s side. (could be wrong on that last part)



wait what




Does he really think this will get him a debuggers?
Also yeah


it may also fall under the umbrella of technically possible to fix, but not worth the time investment it would actually take to do so.

I guess one might argue that since you keep the items it should be non-refundable for the time being.

Yeah this probably should be marked be marked as non refundable since steam explicitly allows for it.

i gained 20 chromosomes just by reading this

hey am i say wrong word ? why some people treats diffrent to me. i just report the bug

Use a translator if you aren’t familiar with English. It’s understandable for most of us though.

This part is what set Aden off since there’s a fair bit of people who beg for the beret even when they report very minor issues.

And @dragon_beast has his moments every now and then, don’t mind him if he says something stupid.


dude i just love beret

I do not beg i was send email 1 or 2 years ago and i copy paste all words :smiley:

and i can accept.sometimes I’m making incomprehensible sentences but in my language its meanfull so its normal all languages are diffrent

I don’t think you can get a debugger’s beret for this because:

  1. It’s an issue with Steam inventories and refunds in itself, because none of this has to do with the actual game.
  2. There is absolutely no way you’re getting a debugger’s beret for something this small, not to mention that it’s in no way relating to Unturned except it being Unturned items.

but i can wear clothes in game:D even gun’s skin

i dont care debugger beret i was want to display in my profile

i was think like[people gonna say oh this guy helped to fix a bug]

No need to make multiple posts to write single sentences, just type everything on a single one. Everything has pretty much been summed up.


it’s a habit :smiley:

The reason you can wear it in game is because of a bug with Steam’s system. This is not an error or a bug in Unturned’s code in any way, Unturned is detecting the items in your Steam inventory and thus allowing you to equip it.

Then stop asking for the debugger’s beret, you have zero chances of getting it with this post anyways.

If you’re gonna “help” fix it then might as well contact Steam? It’s their bug anyways, not Nelson’s.

It’s a habit that does more harm than good on Forums.

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