Unturned II and it's Relation to Epic Games (+Store)

I recently read a post about Epic Games’ ToS and how malicious it is to creators and consumers alike.

Epic Games and their brand new store promises to give developers 88% of the revenue split. This is great news when you just read the headlines- But dig a little deeper and it seems that not only are Epic intending to take creators’ hard work and resell it, but are also allegedly going to spy on it’s consumers and give that info to the Chinese Government
(I’ve yet to find much in the ToS regarding that).

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the majority of Epic Games’ stock is owned by Tencent- a Chinese conglomerate investment company.

This is big news for Steams new alleged competitor. And what does it mean for Unturned II?

Unturned II runs on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4, so it would make sense for the game to be on the new Epic Store and Steam too. You could be spied on if you played Unturned II on Epic’s Launcher.

Unturned II, like it’s predecessor, will probably also thrive on community modifications. Imagine being a modder and having your work taken away and resold by Epic.

This entire situation is probably going to be discussed a lot in the coming weeks. Did I dig too far into it? Did I get some stuff wrong? (If so please correct me).



Okay, this is unepic

Epic? More like China lmao

Hey, I’m Chinese.

now that’s just uncool

Jokes aside I think Nelson should just go the PUBG way and keep UII off of the Epic Launcher and release it solely on Steam, i don’t want my info on the hands of filthy communists

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Your nationality has nothing to do with this. It has to do with the selling of people’s sensitive info to foreign governments.

Flag Mod: Epic edition will now cost 10$. Failure to pay will result in your copy of unturned II being vaulted until the chinese government says you’re good.

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I guess that also ties into the ToS and the fine print.

so im being spyed by the Chinese government because i got subnautica on the epic games store.

A good rule of thumb here is that if the service is free, than you’re the product.

what the hell? Really? they’re planning to give our information to the Chinese government?

Sheeeeesh i thought epic games was havin a good year here. Besides the ninja controversy i thought they were gonna do better then every other gaming company. now i’m scared my information might be pulled and sent to the government of china.

But why? why of all people would epic games and the Chinese gov want with our info?

you’ll have to ask @RedCo for that

Whatever the Chinese are doing it doesn’t really matter. They can infringe on your privacy rights as much as they want but cant do anything with that information. Think about it, the Chinese government can’t switch on you, because US police wouldn’t care and whatever they get is taken unlawfully, and Chinese companies probably don’t care about the information of non Chinese consumers. It’s not as big of a deal as you think it is. I would far rather have my information be in the Chinese govenrments hands than in US companies hands. (And if you think about it your information is probably already in US company hands, being used to figure out how they can extract as much wealth from you as possible)

Obviously it’s messed up but hey, companies gonna company, and have been for years. Epic is one of the many, and was just unlucky.

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at this point

i’m not trustin any government after what you said heh

Here, have some good choral music while you’re here. It’s pretty good, I promise.

You really shouldn’t. Patriot act is still in place in the states and in 99.5% of cases it’s used it’s for simple narcotics (something like 80% for narcotics iirc) and other non terror related crimes. Don’t want to get too "tread on me"ey but it’s messed up. Just straight up a “remove amendments” card

Tencent isn’t owned by the Chinese government, it’s a multinational investment company. They have a big influence in a lot of the gaming world, and even have their own game development/publication branch. It’s no surprise really, that it has big shares in Epic Games. And really, it’s as if Epic Games has ever made anything actually good, apart from the Unreal Engine, so it’s no big deal. And no, you’re not being “spied on by the Chinese government” or anything like that. That’s some Alex Jones level dumbassery. It’s really not a big deal, you’re just soaking up American propaganda news websites. And I don’t even think UII is going to be on the Epic Games Store, or use its launcher, only the map making/modding tools. And even if most of Epic’s stock wasn’t owned by Tencent, it would still be the same. Honestly, don’t act like the American Government doesn’t farm and store your information, either. You’ve just read too many shitty fear-mongering Vox and Vice and Kotaku articles. Why would an enormous multinational investment company even want to sell some player-made mods? What would they gain from that?

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Nothing. That’s the thing. they’re not the only ones doing it, American companies (and the government) have been doing it for years. Information is stored. It’s how it works. This is all a whole lot of bullshit about how “oh no we’re gettin’ spied on by the dirty commies!!” or some shit like that. You’ve all read too many fear-mongering propaganda news articles. Calm down.

In all fairness I don’t wanna have RedComm looking through my porn