Unturned II BakeNation Horde Mode Event!

Hello Everyone!

Unturned II Horde mode is in a pretty stable spot right now. So I figured it was about time we had another event!

Sunday 10/20/19 at 1:00pm Eastern United States Time we will all join a server that I choose on the day. Located within the US. So I don’t want to hear any complaints about lag! Its a free event so shush!

The first person to reach $40,000 dollars in-game will win a $50 steam gift card. You will need to submit a screenshot to me which includes the entire game including the chat box, and the money.


If more than 64 people sign up, only the first 64 will be allowed to join the server. I will stop taking additional sign-ups.

If the winner doesn’t currently have me on steam the Steam gift card will take 3-days to be eligible to be traded to you. So expect a delay!


EDIT: Did some tests. Looks like $40,000 is a better number for money.


OH MY GOD we get a chance to win 100k dollars no way!!







i thought this would be a baking competition and now i am disappointed

Baking illegal meds for black market selling?

this would please the doctor

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i actually can’t play cause unturned II runs at 5FPS average on my computer

Then unturned probably runs at even less

actually unturned runs at like 24fps for me

same here

unturned II i such a shitshow on my computadora

Reach 50 dollars in game and win 100.000 $ ?

Hell yeah

Looking forward to this event. Thanks for hosting it! I’ll put out a minor update tonight or tomorrow morning with some stability fixes (e.g. the fullscreen patch), and a small change to Horde gameplay: limit of one drop of each type at a time or perhaps per round? Open to feedback on that.


The change that would greatly improve our experience would to fix the square windows that don’t allow the zombies to come through when too many spawn. It becomes a big issue in later rounds. If zombies would also scale up their health faster that would be cool as well.


For background on that: I’d been planning to give them some coordination at entry points once they can vault through the windows, but it is definitely a problem at the moment. I’ll see about some sort of placeholder solution (like taking turns) for tomorrow though!


Another thing that would be nice, a little space between rounds so i can get a drum or clothing just a small one pls 10 sec


Even a five second delay would be nice. Gets annoying after a while because you can’t sprint to put distance between you and the zombies.

The one thing I think is needed is for Zombies to not one-shot barricades, right now they’re kinda useless.

This evening I experimented with the window congestion in some spare time, but didn’t get to a point worth including in the update. I put together some of the features for zombies “reserving” the jump path and backing up to allow the leader to jump through, but there are complications with re-pathing and the avoidance system preventing them from moving. The other changes should be good to go in the morning however.

Technically there is a 5 second intermission between the final death and the start of the next wave, but it is not very noticeable. In the future it will be extended once there’s more to do.