Unturned II car maintenance

Unturned cars are very unrealistic. in unturned, obtaining and maintaining a car is an easy task. you find a car, put fuel, a battery, and tyres on the car. In reality, there should be different types of fueling like gasoline and diesel. Also, electric charging should be a thing whereas you can find solar powered stations and stations that require a generator. Maintenance should require you change oil and refill your water tank for windshield. engine blocks could break down, so you could be required to fix or replace them. tyres should flatten and require repair or replacement. Also, upgradable tyres, gas tanks, and engines.


They should make it where you can maintain your feet


close door on leg and it falls off

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Made a post about this a while back. Wasn’t that good and lacked the depth I wanted from it. Am planning to do a much more detailed one within the year. Been looking around for coauthors to help me and I have a few in mind but they’ve either got their own posts coming up or don’t make super heavy in depth guides.

that’s ok. i can write.

drunk driving in 4.0


yes please

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