Unturned II dedicated server hosting?

What do you guys think Unturned II dedicated server hosting is/will be like, both in terms of hosting on your own PC and in terms of hosting via a server provider?
The game is currently in a Pre-Alpha Demo stage, so there aren’t many existing capabilities or features, but what do you think it will be like in future?
Also, what do you guys think will be done differently in terms of hosting servers, admin commands, console, etc?

Imo there is a lot that could be improved.


I personally cannot guarantee that it is possible, but I would very much like if it was like in unturned 2.0 where it was as simple to create a server as to plant beans.


When do you think the first practical options for server hosting in Unturned II be released? I am assuming it will take another 1-2 years for us to enter Alpha stage.
The game is currently in Pre-Alpha Demo, after that I am pretty sure we will have Pre-Alpha (almost complete product), followed by an Alpha, Closed Beta, Open Beta, and then Early Access. I feel as though hosting options will only become available during the Alpha Stage, or CBT.

A dedicated server already exists.
I’d like to think hosting would be handled much like 3.X. There could be some obvious improvements netcode and load wise. Maybe sprinkle in the option to hide cosmetics server wide or to force certain settings.


For example, grass: You give you the client a choice to either a) let their settings be overriden in compiance with the servrs settings or b) not play on there. Or give the server the option to just let others know that he has not enabled grass when the server has ,thus letting players know that he has an advantge (yes I realize this would basically just mean everybody would disable it but hey, player choice). The server should never be able to force settings (or even downloads) without the users express permission.

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The only reason it has taken Nelson so long is he got burned out for a couple months, then reworked everything g he had done. I bet you that if it isn’t released this year, next year it will.

Nelson works faster than you think.

It isn’t about how fast he works, it is about how much content he adds before saying it is a finished product. Imo Unturned I is a bit dead without mods. For me and my group, Vanilla gets boring after 3 weeks. Modded servers are nice, but they aren’t official and do not have a constant player base. If Nelson adds a crap ton of content into Unturned II, it will be such a good game. Ngl I hope that it only enters Alpha stage this time next year, and that he spends that year making it a really good product. He is an excellent developer, and I’ve seen how fast he works.
Between Alpha and Early Access I’d hope its another year or two, and then staying in Early Access for a couple years won’t be so bad either. The priority would be marketing it properly during that time.

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True. There are plenty of features he could add that could really improve server hosting. All I want is for there to be better dedicated server hosts (out of Nelson’s control, unless he creates an Official one for Unturned), and maybe even better support for modded servers. Rn it isn’t practical to make a server with more than 500mb worth of mods, and getting those mods into a bundle is just ridiculous because of all the mod authors you need to contact. You should be able to make Mod-Bundles within Unturned, that can be downloaded onto your system and do not need to be re-loaded each time you start the game. These mod bundles should just be called “Server Name Mod Bundle”, and within them contain a list of the mods and the authors next to them, and of course be exempt from steam workshop rules.

What is download by ID


So basicvally mod presets ala Arma 3?

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Deus is right. Why not just make them automatically downloaded to the server and for people trying to join the server?

The only reason I can understand for not doing that is if you’re trying to modify specific things about the mods. But if you’re just wanting any certain mod in its entirety, then you should just have its download ID.

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Currently in Unturned I you have to redownload the mods every time you enter the server, unless you’ve subscribed to all of them on the workshop and already have them in your system. We need to either have a 1 time only download upon entering the server, or simply have the bundles like I suggested (which will work in the same way) as it will be easier for ppl to delete them if they have too many mod bundles on their PC.

Bundles sound a lot like Workshop collections, in that you download them once and you get a bunch of mods.

The only advantage I can see to bundles is that you don’t have to worry about mods updating and you can modify the mods as you desire. Otherwise, just using a Workshop collection should be the same thing and still only require one button click.

Workshop collections have the opposite advantage, where you don’t have worry about updating the bundle when mods update.

The biggest issue I’ve had when creating a workshop mod bundle to use for my server is mod authors either not replying or not giving me permission to use their mod. Or not updating the mod when a new update is released and just discontinuing it.

What exactly is a workshop collection?

Examples of collections

Make a collection

Wait what… so instead of having a workshop bundle on my server, I can simply have an unturned mod collection on my server? Do I still need permission from the mod authors or…?

Not necessarily. As far as I was aware, your issue was that people have to manually subscribe to each mod individually. Collections makes it so you can subscribe to all of them in one click.

As far as installing mods on a server goes, it’s the same irregardless of being a collection. You throw all the mod IDs in WorkshopDownloadConfig.json file, because they’re all still their individual mods (except people can download them in one fell swoop without having to redownload them each time they rejoin the server).

You aren’t re-uploading mods, so no.

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Any chance I could talk to you on discord about this real-quick? As in, just type in DMs. Add me: davidj123456#2334

I think you can send private messages on this forum and i suggest you remove that message so that you wont find random trolls talk to you

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They can go ahead and talk to me I don’t rly care. Maybe someone useful comes along.

As far as installing mods on a server goes, it’s the same irregardless of being a collection. You throw all the mod IDs in WorkshopDownloadConfig.json file, because they’re all still their individual mods (except people can download them in one fell swoop without having to redownload them each time they rejoin the server).

Isn’t WorkshopDownloadConfig.json currently broken?

It shouldn’t be. Are you sure you’re using WorkshopDownloadConfig and not WorkshopDownloadIDs?

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