Unturned II Devlog #024.1


Is patching a devlog allowed?


Aside from fixing the reported bugs and tidying a few features up this past week my primary focus has been improving performance on the Firing Range map.

The biggest offenders were the animated target and track mounts. They are designed modularly so that they can be re-used by map creators, which had the side effect of increasing CPU time spent on animations.

My main approach to dealing with this has been integrating the Unreal “significance manager” which in this case I’ve set up to score the targets based on how much you’re aiming at them and their distance, and then reducing the animation update rate for insignificant targets.

Another use of the significance manager will be for footstep audio and effects. In 4 I’ve implemented a “character footstep component” which can be used by players, zombies, etc, and then a certain number of nearby components can be prioritized. I suspect this will be helpful in horde mode when dozens of zombies are stampeding toward you.

Back to the targets: the second biggest concern was blueprint processing time (because Firing Range is setup as a blueprint mod), but it was fairly straightforward bringing that to a reasonably low amount. Beyond that I adjusted most of the constructor defaults e.g. pose tick mode to performance-friendly choices and other smaller wins. Now at max graphics the map is at ~110 FPS in the editor and ~190 FPS in the client! (Other maps should see improved performance as well.)


  • Added placeholder item respawn timers for storage containers.
  • Snow is now visible on the CQC building to clear up confusion over the footstep audio. Future buildings will have tessellation for roof geometry so it will not be flat.
  • Dragging an item over an invalid destination explains the error now.
  • Steam announcements are now cached in-case the request fails.


Note: I’m aware of a few more gun-related bugs in multiplayer, but unfortunately ran out of time to fix them this week. On the to-do for August!

  • Hosting listen server should no longer clamp frame rate.
  • Corrected gunshot attenuation distances back up to several hundred meters. They had somehow been set to a measly ~20m.
  • Reduced stretching on bullet hole decals.
  • Capsule floor result is now used as a fallback for footstep noises when the animated foot is not planted. This prevents silent footsteps while walking near an edge.
  • Fixed character idle pose when using a two-handed weapon in the left-hand slot.
  • Fixed some item drag-drop highlight bugs.
  • Fixed interactor radial menu staying open.
  • Fixed not ending item drag in a few cases.
  • Fixed several snow and foliage displacement bugs in particular related to the first few seconds after loading into the map.
  • Fixed pressing the respawn key while alive.
  • Fixed interacting with corpse totem in multiplayer when ragdoll is far away.


Last week was a 3.x update, and there’s another smaller one this week, but I’m expecting to dedicate a fair bit of time to 4 in August making headway toward Devlog #025. It’s looking to be mostly cleanup and polish on the existing features, as well as some key features like the server browser. Depending how that goes I might start reducing the access requirement hours (added an invitation item to 3), but no promises yet.


Ok,for whanever reason I didn’t see any difference in performance (in the firing range) :cry:

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I dont think he was trying to fix anything performance related this time around.

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A notable part of the update was improving performance on the Firing Range specifically.


My FPS on Firing Range was about the same it was before. 25 looking at stuff, 40-50 looking away.


Yeah same here,what is happening? (I’m not blaming Nelson,he made his try,but what the hell?)

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These optimizations were CPU focused, so if your performance is/was GPU bound then you won’t see a difference.


@SDGNelson Nelson if the bad performance was caused by the CPU-heavy animations, how we not see any difference? In my case now I’m running the CQC map from 37 to 41 fps, before 33 to 40, which means my limiter it wasn’t gpu,the firing range in 20fps i’m kind of confused, but it was nice to see some bugs being fixed anyway, and also that you’re really working well into the game’s performance, which makes me more relaxed and excited,Well anyway had a best stability, in the future I hope to see some optimizations about it in the GPU (I’m not criticizing , I’m just a little confused),I think a short term solution would be the option to disable and enable target animations, as with the cymbal launcher.

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wait that’s illegal

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Sorry but weren’t you playing on a bad laptop before ?

@SDGNelson Yes,that might be the case,but are these targets really that GPU heavy? They don’t seem like so.

(Ok,that’s it for questions from me,i’m not gonna waste your time any more,keep up the good work. :fred:)

It’s doesn’t necessarily have to be that the targets are GPU-heavy, it’s just that the optimizations made to the game were CPU-based.

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@Oyamat Yes, but running the CQC map at 40 fps, which for me is quite acceptable, in the firing range is 20 fps, or 30 if I look away.

It’s a demo. Most likely not optimized as much as it could be. I assume in the future when the core game is nearly done, more optimization will be done to help those with weaker computers. Right now, all you can really do is hang on and enjoy as much as you can.

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[My bad English, sorry]
May be, go 1.000h in game? (Dont 2.400)

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This isn’t a substantial update. Hours will be lowered as more core features are developed. The earliest this may happen is in Devlog 25 or Devlog 26, but that’s not guaranteed.



  1. Always show the Nearby menu, even when in storage. :L
  2. The gloves don’t actually spawn on any of the maps.
  3. By default, the Up/Down arrow keys should be assigned to Cycle Previous/Next for interactions. People can do this automatically, but it’s a nice thing to just be default IMO unless someone can think of a better future use for those keys.

Is it just me or am I having some weird frame chopping effect on the firing range map? Especially while looking at the targets. I’m getting 20-30 FPS with an awful choppy looking effect on my screen while I get 60 on the CQC map.

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With how much you’ve been replying I wouldn’t of expected you to ask that, especially since its one of the first things mentioned in this topic. The animated objects just don’t play nicely with performance for most people. Drop your settings or deal with it like the rest of us.