Unturned II Devlog #026

I’d love to play but the steam servers are down and I can’t update my game, oof :frowning:

having a good time

I’m sad [10 char]

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Horde mode looks nice! Ill enjoy playing it once I’m back

How time flies…

Nice work Nelson, keep it up :+1:


Just want to make sure people know that I’m aware of the multiplayer bugs with shooting/reloading breaking, the money count not updating, and armed zombies.

As temporary workarounds, you can:

  • requip the gun, and it should let you shoot
  • although the UI doesn’t update, your actual money is—go to a purchase node to see if you can afford something
  • pirate speak isn’t finished



Thanks to Yarrrr for coming up with the current text! :silent_judgement:

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I think horde mode should be very much like nazi zombies. IE, you should be able to have two primary weapons in your hotbar. I’m not sure how you’d accomplish this without overhauling the hotbar system to be more modualistic (which nelson should 100% do to enable things later down the line, such as a perk that gives you a third weapon slot cough mule kick-esque).

I think the inventory system in general for horde mode is a bit funky and doesn’t exactly have its place. In Nazi Zombies there isn’t really an “inventory” system. idk. I think an inventory would only be useful in cases of quest items for completing a map, doing easter eggs, removing debris, or etc.

edit: im crying

Much farther down the line, Horde Mode is planned to feature more of the game’s regular content (e.g., being able to build & place stuff like barbed wire or tripmines wherever you want).

The inventory is more useful during intermissions, where weapon customization and inventory management is more applicable. Right now, weapon customization is just limited to your reflex sights, large scopes, and canted rails and that doesn’t apply as much.

Generally speaking, the inventory may feel redundant because there’s not as much content right now.

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Game is looking great so far!
I hope horde mode provides you guys with a lot of things to do/scan for bugs.

Keep up the good work everyone! :grinning:


I mean, not only that but theres like no “reserve” ammo. That would be very cool instead of a magazine-based system, considering Horde Mode is supposed to be very arcade-esque. Just saying it requires a ton more modularity.

highkey want nelson to focus on basic unturned stuff first and then releae horde mode later i cannot wait much longer for a decent game to come out

It makes more efficient use of wall space and weapon and attachment assets than would be done by having progression solely through purchasing weapons with predetermined attachments, magazine sizes, and ammo reserves, and personally I like the gameplay loop that’s created by needing to refill magazines, buy more magazines, and buy more storage for magazines to face bigger and bigger waves of zombies.

The next wave starts too soon to consistently do that kinda stuff between waves.

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So when will the hour requirement be lowered for 4.0? Out of curiosity.

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When it’s closer to completion and more ironed out.


fuck you this hurts


any one has a server up ? for horde mode

There’s several servers up, just use the server browser.

Earlier today a couple of the servers saw 10+ players during their peak.


That’s actually amazing!