Unturned II Devlog #035

“Directional attacks ala melee-focused games like Mount & Blade.”
Oh my. I feel ankowledged. Will the sequel of my favorite game #1 have features from my favorite game #2 and it’s very anticipated sequel?? Life couldn’t possibly become better.

One thing I really love is the wood chips that fly up when hitting stuff. If feel like small additions like that make things like chopping wood all the more satisfying. Also just in general when you are sorting loot, each item has a sound. Bullets when dragged make the sound of jingling bullet casings, which is such a nice touch.

I love this feature in rust, when you move logs in your inventory it sounds like dropping a pile of logs at your feet, or rocks being shuffled when managing stone. I love this and am glad to see it in U2.

Small features like the sounds and the satisfying woods chips makes games whole.


@SDGNelson This update summed up


Make it like the tf2 inventory, whenever you drag items it makes n o i s e

The feature you’re describing already exists in UII, which is what I believe the user you were replying to was trying to point out.

I’m retarded, I thought he was talking about Rust and didn’t read the whole thing

was nice watching you brutally stab a poor innocent man :slight_smile:

why is nelson killing naked people ??

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Some people may wonder why Nelson kills naked with the Fire Amxe

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Lord, Unturned 2 looks great even in beta :heartpulse:

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Unturned II runs so much better than 3.0 i can run max graphics and 1080p on II while i can only run lowest on 720p on 3.0

No surprise, it’s not even a complete game yet and definitely has better optimization than U3.
I don’t know if it makes that big of a difference, but U4 uses Unreal Engine.

Yikes, your computer is worse than an 11-year old Mac desktop.

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