Unturned II DevLog #20 - PVP Analysis

Forwarded @shadowkukoy’s steam post to here, since… he apparently didn’t himself

-The addition of momentum in movement should Nerf the current extreme quick peeking meta, making many pvp engagements less of toxic jump peeking and dodging.

-Jumping whilst scoped (like jump dodging in 3.x) seems to still be viable (although this is based of about 0.1 seconds in which he scoped in whilst jumping and then immediately scoped out.

-Scoping in appears to still be slow. Hopefully this is just an affect of heavy weapons such as the sniper he was using to give light smg’s and pistols an edge

-Useful markers on scopes should help to balance first person to third person (should it be broken in the game)

-Cross-hair is a dot in the center of the screen, something that could be extremely unhealthy and powerful for third person

-Recoil (for the Firing range gun at least (Which nelson called a timberwolf but isn’t actually called timberwolf in the inventory) seems a lot less. Even if rifles are similar it shouldn’t affect pvp too much

-Bullet penetration is cool

-Snipers have at least 500m range (shown off in the demo). This should assist in balancing snipers, as in 3.x the vanilla bolt actions are very underwhelming

-Recoil appears to correct itself overtime. This could be detrimental to automatic weaponry, as now controlling automatic fire will have the side effect of placing the cross-hair below the target

-Due to the lack of tracers when hip-firing, i am unable to assess the hip-fire accuracy

-Third person definitely still exists as a over shoulder cam, with the possibility of being overpowered if not made realistic. Whilst it appears the third person camera is far lower, which will certainly help keep third person balanced in situations where a player is obscured behind a hill of fence, the cam appears to still be extremely far out to the side, possibly allowing for peeking around walls and trees. Cross-hair still exists in third person so far.

-A slight flinch can be observed when taking damage. Whilst this flinch affects the view-model, and may affect accuracy (esp. hip-fire) it does not move the cross-hair, likely meaning that it does not flinch when scoped either. This is a good thing, as in 3.x one of the biggest problems is the “shoot first or die first” scenario, in which TTK is very short and scope time is very long, giving a player no time to react to being shot at.

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I think momentum was a great leap forward, and yes, would stop this “instant” movement that plagues most gunfights - and would make “toxic” 3rd person gunplay more challenging

I hope so, too

Probably to be fixed later

Wait… I didn’t even notice this when playing lol


I see some dummy stuff like this happening. Which may be bad, considering the most elite players will know the perfect pattern to get all headshots - higher skill curve

It is 100% accurate


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