Unturned II ideas for gameplay features

I have been browsing the Unturned II forum and I have seen some great ideas I have some ideas that could overall improve on those ideas or it might not. I’m asking for gameplay suggestions for example new map ideas And the animals that inhabit those maps for example up north in Canada there would be grizzly bears and wolves. Meanwhile in the American midwest to the swamps of Louisiana there could have deadly alligators and venomous snakes such as cottton mouths rattlesnakes and copperheads. While in the plains there would be roaming bison and packs of coyotes that would possibly attract the turned at night. Or how to cure pelts and turn them into clothes,makeshift tents or huts from animal skin basically. I want to create a creative outlet for people to have ideas for Unturned II and then people improve upon those ideas.

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That’s not what i meant… but still
at least your pissing people off by your necroposting and at least your askin people for ideas

honestly, if you’re looking to be a part of this community, please just take a look at how other people interact on the forum rather than just trying to dive in completely blind. Take a moment to look at forum etiquette and try not to act conspicuously - you’ll just end up looking like an idiot and your ideas won’t be taken seriously.


@thegamingkaiser What i meant was take all of the ideas YOU have and put it all into a singular post and see the response you get weather it be positive or negative

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