Unturned II | Ideas for RP!

I am the RP type of guy so you will see a lot of suggestions based around RP from me. Feel free to share your RP related ideas by commenting on this post!

  • Tow Trucks
  • Semi Trucks, PLEASE Semi Trucks
  • Speed Radar Gun
  • Cruise control [Page Up - Page Down] to change speed and Insert to match current speed.
  • Speed Signs (Map editor)
  • More road signs (speed limit, more street indicators) **I would be great when making a map you could place down, for example, an object called ''Speed Sign" and then you could edit the text on it. You wouldn’t have to add signs for all the speed limits. That would be very useful with any other street signs (them big green signs announcing the upcoming city, what exit you have to take to get there, all the motels, stores, train station, beach), yes it’s a lot but that would open so many interesting RP opportunities
  • Working Street Lights
  • Editable Tree Growth Rate
  • Licenses ex. Class I, II, III Driver’s License, Hunting, Fishing, Mining, Logging, Gun,
  • Badges for police, military etc…
  • More ores with more or less value.
  • A Good Reliable, Easy-To-Use Currency System (can easily pay players, buy from NPCs, withdraw and deposit with the help of ATMs…) **VERY IMPORTANT to really think this out because if it’s only virtual money, that partly removes the robbing aspect. Maybe you could only trade (more about the 1 on 1 trading system next point) paper notes with players (no virtual money). Players would have to withdraw money from their bank accounts for trades but for big purchases (NPCs) they can use their credit card. If holding right-click while holding a bank note, you will ‘‘offer the money’’ and the person can press F and collect the money.
  • A Safe 1 on 1 Trading System with another player (You can see the items offered from both parties and both has to confirm trade so it happens) **Check if there’s enough place in the player inventory before transferring the items so they don’t fall on the floor and somebody can steal.
  • A RARE and BENEFICIAL SUBSTANCE. YESSSSS I’M TALKING ABOUT SOME KIND OF DRUG. I know you probably not so interested in featuring drugs in this game since the average player age is relatively low but something that MANY RP servers feature since an illegal substance creates action ex: Drug busts, makes the money roollll… I think you get my point. If the substance isn’t beneficial, it is not worth buying and having.
  • Variety of boats (Cargo, Fishing, Sail Boat, Speed Boat, Recreational Boat…)
  • Maybe a more elaborate farming system (I know this is not FS19)
  • In Map editor you can set high tier fishing zones so example, you need to go far in the sea to catch
  • More maps (GPS): Fishing map, Land map (you see all the claimed lands), Tourist map (Attractions, store, All terrain vehicle trails) Maybe you could just create the all those different maps and the map creators could go in photoshop and just edit the maps so they look like they want. From there the players could buy them from an NPC in like a tourist center or something. This is just to add more map options.
    rare and more beneficial fishes otherwise a fishing boat is useless since you will be able to catch the same fish on the shore as you would if you were miles away from shore.
    Final note: A big problem with RP is that people are not limited to their rank, jobs… Somebody working as an ambulance is completely useless since it is really easy to take the clothes off your back, turn it into clothes and craft bandages. If the addition of certain diseases that could only be cured by medical assistance, many more options and opportunity will be present. Those diseases could be obtained by eating raw food etc… that would affect the player with slowness or slight dizziness. This example is pretty much out of the rough but there are many more examples: A lumberjack IRL needs his land, tools, equipment, and transportation. In Unturned, get an axe and chop down your neighbour’s tree! It will regrow in minutes anyways! (That’s where my Tree Grow Rate suggestion comes in handy) What I am trying to say here is people should have a sense of belonging towards their jobs with the awareness that whatever services they are offering, it is probably a necessity for many other people who don’t have the tools or equipment to accomplish that task. THAT IS JUST HOW TODAY’S COMMUNITIES WORKS. My goal when I will make my RP map and eventually RP server is to create the map a certain way so the people will have to work as one no matter what. A good example is rare resource: Making my map I’m going to make sure that some resources are harder to extract or to obtain like a certain ore will only be found on an island out in the ocean where the only way to get there is by a big cargo boat (which you will need a license for mining and boat capt. so the sea guards can come and check the boat) but careful traveling the high seas since it’s infested by ship highjackers who can steal all your goods. If you make it safely back to shore, park your ship to the industrial wharf where a train will come and all the ore will be loaded onboard cargo crates that will be distributed to different delivery trucks then to stores. This is where the importance of having a big map is showcased. I know the main focus at the moment for Unturned II is to just get the base game out there but those are some good ideas I think are worth writing down.
  • wth
  • Yep, probs, maybe different controls.
  • Signs are actually intended, aren’t they?

-More military uniforms and guns, jets, tanks, vehicles.
-More furniture
-Passenger jets! Those things are so good for roleplaying.
-Aircraft carriers that can move, and the plane elevators on them should work.(this is possible due to the game being on unreal engine)
-More food diversity
-Ovens, clothwashers should have sounds and animations.
-way bigger maps with highways.
-submarines(were teased in a devblog)
-the tanks should be more realistic and the option to close and open hatches.You should be able to see the tank’s inside.Pretty much like in ARMA 3
-More emotes.
-keys for doors.

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I remember something about being able to add signs in for specific speed limits or street names. I’d assume that street lights are included alongside them.

A radar gun could be interesting and it’d let people more easily play as police on RP servers since they could see how fast someone goes without looking at the speedometer because thats a thing now too in UII. Cruise control would be a necessity for it though.

@AlexGKrause I plan on attempting a special RP gamemode when UII comes out, not sure if anyone else will or not. My idea will include ways to claim specific buildings, better role management, and possibly upgrading buildings and objects by pouring resources into them for something like a police department that starts small and needs to expand. If building upgrades work well, I may look into being able to convert regular vehicles into ones for use by emergency services and other special roles.

i feel like these should be mods since they would clutter memory with random stuff that doesn’t matter.


Only reason why I would like to have speed signs placeable in map editor other than normal signs is if it happens that the server gets reset, server owners will not have to place back all signs. They are also nice addition to road sides.

Lots of information but I FINALLY expressed all I wanted to say. And as I get ideas, I will add them here.

I know you are new here and im not trying to be mean or anything but it is way better if you make one bigger post instead of 3 smaller ones cuz people will complain about spam but you dont need to change the ones you made just in future make bigger posts

You can reply to multiple people in one reply by selecting the text people said and then it says quote, if you click on that you get this for example:

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Thanks but I wasn’t trying to reply to multiple people but only specific people.

You can edit signs and such in II in the map editor. We saw this on a Fire station as well as regular street signs.

Where did you see that? Link?

It was shown in devlog #7


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Anything that would help add to the singleplayer experience, like furniture, more food, jets, larger maps, more vehicles, sure. I especially like your map idea. That being said, I don’t really think that the point of 4.0 is supposed to be roleplay, so I’m not too keen on roleplay-exclusive items like licenses being added. Also, I’m not a fan of currency like credit cards and coins. This is a post-apocalyptic survival game, not the sims. If roleplay servers want dedicated currency, licenses, badges and powered cities, they can use workshop mods and plugins instead of asking for valuable time to be eaten up that could otherwise go to creating the survival aspects of the game.

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Yes I understand your point of view, I’m just really not interested in Survival mode. A good idea would be for him to make an extra downloadable (workshop) bundle of RP assets like he kinda did with Hawaii map where you have to download the stuff from the workshop to play the map. Him making an official RP bundle would be nice because it would be Unturned Style and not too complicated.

RP isn’t Nelson’s focus, so maybe it would be better to let people who know and care a lot about RP be the ones who make RP bundles, however wishlists like this one could be useful to whoever makes them.

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To be honest, a lot of the stuff I listed can potentially be good features for Survival too.

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I personally think that we should find out a way to bring together all the people that’ll be interested in RP and get them working together on a custom gamemode for it. One universal base for RP could help out a lot for anyone looking into it while still allowing for more specific things like military, prison, or city-themed RP.

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Basically all of that can already be/will probaby be possible to be modded in.

I guess?

Sure why not

Cruise control? does that mean the speed of a car and being able to control said speed?

Yeah i don’t think this should be in a game based around survival, Maybe have badges as a collectible?
Players making there own economy by trading items is good enough, sure they can give value to notes if they’re added to II but it doesn’t matter that much