Unturned II Meta

Im generally hoping that the Unturned II meta won’t be the same as With unturned 3.0
No more directly killing someone as soon as you see someone
Rather hoping the meta will be more like dayz’s still being able to kill other players if needed but not killing on sight everytime you see someone

More friendly so to speak


KoS is mostly driven by paranoia, as to say, better safe than sorry. Most players including me will shoot on sight as long as the player looks sufficiently armed to harm you. Players driven by bloodlust are generally rarer to come by than those simply defending themselves.


When I play the game I usually find a place to hide in the distance if I’m aware of people nearby. I watch them to see what they do and only attack if a fight is already going on or if they appear to be alone and with decent loot.

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People kill each other because they don’t trust each other. And because of the amount of retarded 9 year olds playing.

I can give a personal example.

I entered a server with a starter kit that includes a Schofield. Pretty harmless right?

I waited the timer and typed it in again, so I had a spare Schofield now.

A naked man had just spawned right in front of me. So I gave him the gun.

The fuckass shot me to death with it.


thats why i never give people firearms


Same thing happend to me in dayz but instead of shooting me he thanked me and we peacefully parted ways

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I recon that if the guns are harder to use in pvp people won’t try to kill each other as much.

Ok ok ive had the part to where i spawn, get a kit, then a gang of 5 9 year olds surround me saying put your hands up and drop your stuff, i shot them and they killed me cause heck nah imma go without a fight but hey atleast i got 1


Im hoping that nelson makes ammo and Guns that are not makeshifts more rare so that its not like that


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