Unturned II / Question about possible Beta

At Unturned II Devlog #016
I heard that there will be a Beta soon, but only for a few people? I would like to have all people who have Unturned Gold, have access to the 1st Beta.

I still have a lot of questions like what Premium exactly means, because there are no weapon skins, right? I know that it have access to Official servers, but what else? hopefully we get more clarity about the game at Devlog #017, and a date where we can look forward to for a possible Beta!
‘‘Hopefully in 2018, otherwise hopefully in early 2019’’

  • Leo :man_technologist:

Dont get your hopes super high, but still be hyped. There isnt a set timetable for when a beta is going to come out, as about every devlog its mentioned that one is coming soon, and there has been 16 devlogs, but I would expect a bare bones vehicle beta to come out before the new year, as he mentioned it in the latest devlog.

He has mentioned that the very first beta would be a small group of people to make sure its not terribly broken or something, so I doubt very few people would actually have access to the initial beta, but people who bought gold will probably have some form of beta before normal players.

So far its only gonna be a server pass and thats all


Only Unturned Gold to get access to a brand new game? I dunno chief that doesn’t sound bright to me


Good reading, I only say the Beta!

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Uh… thanks?


Personally I haven’t bought the gold upgrade since I
1 think 3.0 is gonna be abandoned by me one 4.0 drops
2 I don’t think its very appealing unless I want to make my character’s skin the same colour as the grass. So I can seamless camouflage into the grass.
Oh wait no one has foliage on.

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Thank you Kanye, very cool.

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Incredibly unlikely, as that defeats the purpose of it. The purpose is not to get the game out to everyone as soon as possible, unlike what you’re suggesting.

To each their own. It’s not really meant to appeal to people who just want new content or in-game advantages/progression out of purchases like that.

The official server pass grants access to official servers. There’s not much else to it, if that’s what you’re asking.

Steam Economy integration isn’t a priority any time soon, so until them it is undecided as to whether or not skins/cosmetics will be implemented and how.


Thanks for helping.

Once again, it’ll probably kick off with the innermost cabals of the Unturned community (3.0 update cabinet and other private hardcore communities acknowledged by Nelson), and trickle down from there until it eventually goes to open beta.

The beta group will likely be very small, say maybe M2M members, somewhat unlikely, but not discarding this chance curated team members, and some friends of Nelson.

If anything the beta group would be basically the forum regulars, but that’s still unlikely unless it’s a way more complete version. A simple vehicle test isn’t supposed to release to a large group.

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If only nelson made a racing sort of game as a joke with 4.0 vehicle stuff XD.

Or driving game, if you understand what I mean.

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