Unturned II stuff to scale

Someone mentioned this but I think we can talk about the map to a certain scale same with buildings a little bit more.

Example: the aircraft carrier. The aircraft carrier in 3.0 on the Russian map was wat too tiny. There is no way a bigger plane or sometimes a jet can land on that. There is no room for helicopters.

I was hoping the aircraft carrier would be bigger with working vehicles on board but at a cost. The whole boat would be gaurded by hostile npcs. Kind of like a monument from Rust. So whenever you would want a vehicle from the aircraft carrier you better bring a big team with you and alot of ammo.

Well anyways I was hoping their would be bigger locations. I know it’s kind of impossible because Nelson. Has to detail them all.

I assumed the Liberator was supposed to be a light, small, maneuverable carrier (like the HTMS Chakri Naruebet). The Coalition may have needed a ship like that, judging by what they do.

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Sometimes I run out of ideas to put in objects because theyre too big or too many of those objects in one area

You know what would be cool?

The Smaller the object, it becomes destructible
The Larger the object, it does not become destructible

The reason the Liberator was tiny is because everything in Unturned is tiny. The houses in Unturned are pretty much all really small in comparison to a player. This isn’t bad, as it means maps can be bigger and have more content, but in 4.0, we’ve seen that the buildings are going to definitely be built to some form of scale, I mean, take a look at the house that Nelson made.

I’m highly sure that the objects we will see in the game will be larger than usual. Take a look at the building/room showcases in the devlogs.

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It would honestly be better just to have an LHD.

I think it’s supposed to be a light amphibious assault ship, that can carry 3 jet fighters. There’s room for watercraft in the bottom, and a helipad. I think it’s meant to be just a small, light aircraft carrier/assault ship

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