Unturned II Style Models

Some threads in #unturned-4 are clearly suggestions that include illustrations, some are discussions of custom models that are ambiguously labeled as “concepts” and still others are posted in #unturned-4 because similar posts have been, but make no pretense of being threads for the posting and discussion of custom content. I would prefer if all threads that are entirely focused on custom content were moved from #unturned-4 to #modding, but I can foresee difficulties drawing the line of which posts should or shouldn’t be recategorized, especially since a recent thread may have made this subject far more controversial than it ever should have been, so I have a somewhat more moderate (although in my view less ideal) solution:

Can we add a subcategory to #unturned-4 for custom models or to #modding for Unturned II style models?


Maybe a showcase category? I did find topics that are just a concept art, like no suggestion or text a little bit annoying, but not like it’s a big problem or anything. It’s still better than a “gimme key” topic.

Edit: Whoops, there is already an artwork tag.

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When I did the latest category redesign for the site, I had spoken to Nelson afterwards about the changes and mentioned that at some point the #modding would need to be broken up between the two games, or it’d need to be added as a sub-category to #unturned-4 and #unturned.

The primary reason why it wasn’t done at the time was because the modding scene for U4 is virtually non-existent at the moment, and won’t be until the game is fully publicly available on Steam (which is when the tools can go public on the Epic Games Launcher).

The #community-lounge does have an artwork tag, but it feels a bit ill-placed in relation to U4 showcases. I’ll look into adding a showcase tag to #modding, as that would seem the most appropriate way to term this kind of content.

In the far future, U4/U3 should have separate modding sub-categories.


Won’t it be more difficult to sort through which posts in #modding and #unturned-4 need to be put into the modding subcategory of Unturned II if you wait longer to add it?

Not necessarily, as search/filter system is actually rather effective, so staff can already pretty quickly find those kinds of posts when it would be more relevant. That, and there’s very few “custom community content”-type posts for U4 to begin with.

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i still think we should add an artwork category under #unturned-4, most people wouldn’t use the modding tag because they just want to show of their models, they dont actually want to do anything with them

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yes please a kinde of artwork category