Unturned is top 23 on Steam!

I just found that unturned is at 26.000+ Player on Steam Right now!
Ill use this opputinity to tell all of the “Unturned is dying” people to commit SAD


Yep, he’s right. I have no idea why people are playing right now.


Steam survival games are becoming stale and require too good of a pc to run.


Unturned also has a lot of modding and plugin freedom so you could probably do a war simulation.

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Started to go really high yesterday, peaked at over 32k


I read it as you got high


nelson be like image


It’s pretty simple really. An update comes in, the other half of the people download the update and get into the game to see what’s happening or they were just reminded about the game from the game library.

Regardless the game is certainly far from dead. The only thing ‘Dead’ is their will to play the game.


duuude you gotem~!

Number 9 right now. :slight_smile:


That is spooky month for you, Molton. People play spooky games on spooky month. (Halloween related games when saying spooky, btw)

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Damn… Lets beat CSGO home! We just need to roll a 6 on the Not by any fking chance dice!


i mean, why this update specifically? it was mostly just updating to a new unity version which, for the average player, is not the most exciting of changes. like bruh we’ve had like 17 other updates this year with more exciting content than this one and why didn’t they double the player count? i don’t think it’s as simple as you make it out to be.


When I made that post I didn’t realize the player count actually boosted to nearly 50k from 30k after 24 hours.

This isn’t normal.


ill be Frank. I Think some big russian youtuber or streamer has started. The majority of the new players is (from my experience) Russian or Ukraine.
I think this is just like Minecraft. Minecraft got this SMP server with a lot random Meme youtubers just running around and Minecraft went from a dead/cold age to top 3 most online in a day. Or it could be the Fortnite players who heard you Can build and shoot :joy:

There has to be something wrong with survival games

Unturned is currently at #9 on Steam. 44,194 are playing at the moment. Normally Unturned is more comparable to Hearts of Iron IV’s player count.

Seven hours later, and it’s dropped to 27,600.

holy shit.

Might be the timezones, People are sleeping