Unturned Loading Screen Bug

Hello! I wanted to report a issue i’ve been having with Unturned lately, where Unturned every time i join a map, whether its on Singleplayer or Multiplayer, Unturned gets visually locked in the map’s loading screen, although i can still hear Footsteps/Punches and Environment sounds like birds chirping and nearby water.

Sometimes it does also just completely back screen, and in both scenarios, pressing Tab (Inventory Key) will reveal my character as if i was in my inventory, except there’s no inventory, and pressing tab repeatedly will just cause my character to constantly duplicate.

Things i’ve tried are:

Reinstall (Did this twice.)

Verify Cache Files.

Launch Unturned from the Unturned Local Files (Unturned_BE.exe).

Disable Steam Overlay.

Lower Graphics.

Reset Settings.

Deleted all workshop files/folders for Unturned, as well as unsubscribed from all workshop mods i was suscribed to.

Launch Unturned without BattlEye’s Anti-Cheat System.

And much more things that as of now i can’t remember.


have u tried turning it off and on again


Can you give us more information regarding your actual computer hardware specs, and if this is an issue with specific maps or all maps?


I’ve been playing unturned with a very low end system with a good framerate for a long time, 1525 hours to be exact, so it’s not my specs thats for sure.
It’s an issue with all maps.

Your system specs are still important in finding out what the problem is, just because it didn’t happen before doesn’t mean that its not the cause this time around.

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This issue has happened to me when I tried to play a map that I’ve made before Unturned switched to Unity 2017, but you’re saying it happens to you on all the maps so that doesn’t seem to be the case. Did you frequently play Unturned before this issue and then it just began happening one day or did you return after some time just to realise this issue? Depending on the date it started we might be able to connect it with an update that might’ve been the cause for it and from there which part of the said update. This way we could pinpoint the reason for the issue and then solve it.

Hey! Thanks for a reply,
Yeah this issue happened when i came back to unturned, i initially had that White Lines with Black Screen issue, but had worked around it and fixed it, then i quit, and now i came back and this bug happened.
I’ll see what update i was on before i quit, thank you though!

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