Unturned Map



I suggest to use a better map system, like what the fuck happend here.


what happend to the maps, the same map from antique version as been reproduced in 3 version, who can explain what happend


would respond but molton is already on it lol.


I would post a reply but molton is already in the process of doing it lmao


I mean, “technically” it was reproduced. Doesn’t mean the reproduction is accurate. :man_shrugging:

Aside from that, you have different terrain materials on the original and the recreation, so they’re going to look different. They are not using the same ground materials. That, and terrain transitioning is handled differently between the two games (if Antique has that at all to begin with).

They also have different water systems, hence why the water looks different. Antique’s water is, tbh, pretty garbage in quality.

Been a while since I’ve been on Skypoint, but I’m going to assume the recreation on the right (is that Yarr’s old recreation from years ago?) was done before the Devkit, and before people could raise the skybox. Antique’s version probably has bigger mountains than the U3 recreation.

Trying to think of other things, but the image is way too small. I think the U3 recreation might be on too small of a map size, too.

If you want to see Skypoint in U3, my recommendation would be to just not use that image at all. It’s too vanilla to faithfully recreate Skypoint. That’s why the U3 map looks bad compared to the original.


thanks you very much @MoltonMontro


the actual map looks way nicer. 3d terrain on the charts.


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