Unturned Mystery Box "Open Next" Button

Pretty straightforward: an “open next” button once you opened a mystery box. Would prevent people from returning to their inventory, selecting another box, clicking unbox twice. It’s quite of a hustle if you open a lot of boxes and adding it would (probably?) not be that hard to implement.

Great quality of life feature :slight_smile:


Yep gotta make the gambling aspects easily accessible, simple and quick!!1!
If you feel you’ve been opening crates for too long, you’re doing it wrong! Cashflow must be constant and clicking left to a minimum so that mom doesn’t realise her credit card is gone from her purse!

Also, on a side note: I don’t care if you’re the real panda or not, but I can’t decide if you being the real one is funnier or you being a random person is funnier


It doesnt make it more accessible, just gives a better experience to those that are deciding
to spend money on the game. Every game I think of has a easier way of doing it.

Just because you open them faster doesnt mean you spend more money. And its not up to Nelson
to ensure that kids arent spending money on the game. Its Steam & more importantly their parents job.

Havent been active here in a while, pretty sure you are joking/trolling but in case you arent theres the reply. Doesnt matter if im real or not, what matters is what I post.


My point is kids are dumb and parents are becoming dumber with time. I legitimately think that if a kid gets bored of clicking away at a menu (because let’s be real, they won’t stop after seeing people win substantial amounts of money online if they don’t get bored or tired through other means) their parents will probably have a better chance at not losing as much money.

I know it’s mostly steam’s doing for allowing this kind of stuff in the first place, which I’m not exactly against, gambling for adults is fine. Hell even I can now make my own poor financial decisions. But the regulations on this are so lax it feels wrong, there’s not even ID checking like on every real casino.

And I know, even if they put an ID checking system in place, kids will just take their parents’ documents, but at least there’d be an attempt.

All in all, for a game mostly oriented to kids, such as unturned, making it as easy as possible is… probably not a good idea.


You seem surprised.

yeah ur right, you should have to solve a crossword puzzle every time you want to open a box


That sounds like a good suggestion.

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crossword puzzle is too simple, i was thinking a couple of sudokus

It will still not increase or decrease the amount of boxes bought, just giving those that are a more pleasant experience. No kid that steals their moms money and didnt do that before would think: “oh, you can now open boxes 2 seconds faster? Lets go time to waste all my parents money”.

A kid clicking once or twice to open a crate will not feel as if they’ve spent nearly as much time gambling as they would if they were clicking 4 or 5 times and navigating a menu, because on the menu they spend around the same amount of time as they do actually getting the item.

Much like slot machines, the less effort it requires to spin them and the more colours, sounds and whacky effects there are, the more attractive is to people, especially dumb people, and the dumbest of people are always kids.

Again, ideally this wouldn’t even exist in the first place. Second best option, it should be highly regulated.
Lastly, I don’t think gambling in-game should be optimised to keep your gambling stream or your personal addiction more interesting and/or bearable.

This is last paragraph is assuming you are the real p9nda because I still legitimately have no idea if you are
If you’re not him you can ignore this

You know your audience, whether you want to promote gambling in the most efficient way and with the most optimised money spending methods to that audience is ultimately up to you, but you’ve already been involved in some minor drama (fairly recently too). I reckon you should stay away from this kind of topic.

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You are trolling right?

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This is the only real thing, but yes, the rest is shitposting

I really thought the sudoku comment and the LMAOOO got the point through and since you responded I just had to double down on it

you are really funny haha


Thank you, mr 69nda


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