Unturned Summer MapJam 2022

Welcome to the 2022 Summer MapJam!

After a long break, the MapJam contest has come back-

Starting today, you have four weeks to create a map based around a new alternative gamemode!

What defines an alternative gamemode?

Something that isn’t available within vanilla Unturned, I.E Not survival or arena. (Deathmatch is okay).

You are allowed to have a team of up to three people who must be listed as Steam Contributors on the workshop page of your submission.

After the allotted time is over, we will pick out five maps and ask them to continue working and adjusting the map for one week only, before being judged for the placements.
After the deadline maps will be judged as is.

Maps will be judged on…

  • A Unique Idea.

The brief is for minigames, think of ways you can make a classic or new minigame within Unturned. A few examples could be, but are not limited to: A linear single-player story/adventure, a racing minigame, an arcade spoof, whatever you think is possible. Don’t forget to make a GameModeLabel for your new minigame!

GameModeLabel Tutorial

In addition to the minigame, please create a GameModeLabel for your map through the map’s English.dat file. You can create a new label simply by writing:

“GameModeLabel (Desired Name)”.

  • Variation of objects.

You cannot use modded objects not made by you or your team. Objects made by Nelson or other curated teams are allowed, but you must specify what curated map objects have been used. You also cannot use objects you’ve made in the past.

Please create new assets that fit your new project.

  • Solid design.

How well designed your map is I.E does it contain excess compound, is it easy to understand and play, is it visually pleasing, etc.

  • Team Formation.

In an effort to make things fair for everyone, previous contest winners will not be able to team up to create MapJam projects. If you’ve won before, you can still compete, just not on the same team as other winners.

*Any maps judged to have broken any rules are subject to disqualification.

Who are the judges?

  • Clue

  • Renaxon

  • Great Hero J

What do I get for winning?

A Gold, Silver or Bronze trophy skin on any skinnable weapon you would like.

[Submit your maps here.]
Cutoff date for all submissions is the 27th of August, 2022 12AM GMT.

Submissions have been cutoff! Thanks to those who participated!


Pinned until cut-off/deadline for submissions (Aug. 27)

Let’s goo!!

Am I allowed to ask help from others?

im always here for u bbg

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Sounds very cool

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Is the gamemode fine with being multiplayer only? As in it’s meant to be played with others?

Love you lol bae

Yes that is fine

A Golden Bluntforce sounds wonderful this time of year :eyes:

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Q&A for a few questions I got commonly:

"Can I use assets I've made before the MapJam in my entry?"
We’d prefer you make things specifically for your entry so that they fit your project’s theme better. Any recycled assets should be able to stand on their own compared to their origins.

"Can I make my entry be catered to specifically singleplayer/multiplayer?"
Yes, it’s up to you how you’d like your entry to be played, I’d suggest you specify it on your map’s description too.

"What happens if I have a team with more than three people?"
You get disqualified.

In other news, the one week period where maps/teams are picked to revise their work will no longer be present. The contest will end on the 27th and entries will be judged as is.

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Can my production team upload more than one map for the competition?

No. You can only work on one submission.


One week remaining until submissions close!


Well I better get started

people who have 0 understanding of coding or making any custom in-game. seems fair! also, I’m pretty sure the same people will win again silly

The point of the contest is to incentivize people to learn modding/mapping. Definitely, make something and aim to win, just don’t have that unhealthy mentality that stops you from creating.


24 hours remaining until submissions close!


Will all said map subbmitted be released to the public for us to be able to look at it, if so then will all be put into an collection or do we need to do that

Of course, all the maps will be publicly available assuming the creators don’t private them- you’ll be able to play them and put them into a collection. I’ll also be making my own collection for all the submissions.