Unturned turn on and turn off in the same time

When I turn on my unturned it automatically turns off, even though steam shows me it is on. This happened after an update yesterday. If there are any mistakes I apologize but I was writing with translator. Task Manager also shows that unturned is on.

Hi, I guess by “turned on” you mean open or closed.
So… Basically when you open the game it automatically “closes”, however Steam and the task manager shows you that the Unturned process is open. If so. Then try right clicking on the game in your library, properties, local files and verify integrity.
If the problem persists, try uninstalling Unturned and reinstalling it. And if sadly the problem persists, you have no choice but to reinstall steam or as a last option… Format your computer…
In any case I would appreciate if you could give us your computer specs :smiley: maybe you are on Mac and it could be related to that.

( I am also using translator too. I am using DeepL, use it to translate back to me. )

I have already uninstalled unturned several times and also done file consistency several times. I am using a windows laptop and everything worked fine until the last update. I will try reinstalling steam and let you know if that works.

Reinstalling steam didn’t help, I guess the format of the computer remains, but thanks for the help, maybe it will work for someone else <3

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