Unturned's Official Discord Ban appeaö

So I was banned around a year ago for posting something inappropriate which i can’t really remember what it was. I regret my deeds and just wanted to ask if I could get back on the server. It has been a long time and I won’t send anything inappropriate and wont break any rules anymore. I would really love if I would get unbanned. Thank you for taking your time. My discord name and tag is Ens1gN#4278 .

Let me help you with that.
There is no excuse to spam “nigga”.
You sent 6 messages in 3.2 seconds meaning you deliberately copy pasted it.

TL;DR: No, you are not getting unbanned.


Ban appeal was rejected based on the server’s rules regarding conduct. OP can DM a relevant Discord moderator, or flag the original post, if they’d like to reopen the appeal.